Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Yay !!!!

Hey you!
Been on the road. Was in Manchester yesterday, and it was a long uncomfortable drive. But I made it there and back which is a blessing in itself!
I'm excited because I have put on 3 pounds!!! Yay...I know it doesn't sound like much, but I have been trying to put on weight for the past couple months.
Maybe it's all the food I've been scoffing in my dressing room or on the bus. Dunno, but I'm just glad that finally I am winning! In more ways than one...but I can't go into that now...will save that for another day. ;)

Anyway. Gonna go now and put little man to bed, he's just had his bath so there are nice little footprints all over my nice wooden floors!!!!...have a nice evening xxx


Simey baaby said...

nadine y r people hyping about dis election ting??

i personally dont know wat all the fuss is about. ok the man won, a black man but iz dat the only reason black people r going mad.

judge a man by his works he iant done nutin yet but b black.

Y does it take a black man to get in the white house for black people to b proud of themselves and say things like if he can do it my son can, shuldnt they know this frm the get go?? have we forgoton who we r in God and with God all things r possible or have we put a value on ourselves n children dat has a limit.

I have a issue with people praticcally worshippin nex man to save there finances and the world but yet wen a man comes into the world to save their soul sumthing thats eternal they dont want none of it... dude gets no love.

Do people actually realise wat hes president of?? barrak obama iz nothing but a mere puppet jus like bush only intelligent and cristian even tho he grw up in a muslim.
school. "yes dats right muslim school".

Every bodys thats hits the white house r preselected your vote does not count. So the elete people that own the white house and make desisions to go to war r the same people that put barrack in power, no black person no white person."dis nigga was picked".

Do u remember wen tony left office ova here?? do u remember how as soon as he left gordon brown was priminister who voted for gorden cause i didnt he's worst.
But that iz perfect evidence about how sombody is selected b4 hand for the jOB.

My theory and this is that america are heading for a new world order police state and in order for the real pupeteers to complete their mission of total control they need consent.

Now wen bush is on a new world order tip black people iant feeling that they dont like bush so they iant taking no chips or any thing to destroy their civil libertys.

When u have a black president in power u automatically get black peoples consent for anything he does dat even if he pissd in their face the'll still love him lol.

Personally i iant got nutting against the man im black and i iant really feeling that mcain dude but i know american history frm the roots and once u know how a countrys built u know wer da countrys going...he might aswell b da antichrist da way blacks r going on.

If u look into the Assasination of Abraham lincon or Jfk ull realise that they really wanted to change things.

Jfk wanted to change the monetary system cause once the d evils got contrl of money they can control people.

they wanted to reverse dat by exposing secret scocietys and thats y they got hit by an assasins bullet, that wernt no random act of violence that assasin was hired.

if barrack for wat eva reason wants to not do his job description and truly help people i wouldnt b surprised if history repeated itself because they let no person get in the way. real talk. i know dats 2 deep 4 sumbody but wee gotta get deep sumtimes cause dis not only concerns our future but kids aswell...

hope u kool darling sorry 4 going all out on ur blogg ting. congrats on ur 3 pounds gain make sure u keep it nutritiouc guuuurl.



Wow...you really wrote an essay... But, yeah I do see where you're coming from, but this I politics, of course there is gonna be underhandedness! It's the way it goes. We have yet to see uf he can match up to the hopes of the nation but hope is a good thing.
The fact that no black man ever in American history has had this power gives the drive for the youths to see that it is achievable...the youngers don't realise the complexities of politics, they just see the lack of powerful black role models therefore think such positions are unattainable. He may not achieve what he has promised or what is expected but the fact he has made it into the whitehouse will encourage black people to strive for more and not accept defeat so easily...

Simey baaby said...

its long init i didnt realise i jus went in lol

yh i feel u bbz its jus a shame one man has to change the whole worlds perpective on black people not to mention how black people see demselves.

It further makes mee undertsand dat instead of being idividual leaders we look to a leader who iant the most high but flesh n blood like me n u.

i can c y peeps r excited cause if black people eva had bad press in da past if he does well in da future the media might portray n change peoples mindz towards blacks wether they like or dislike racist or non rasist, so like every thing in life it has its advantages and disadvantages.

ima stop right here yh try and leave sum space for ur other bloggers. wass gud wit u tho?? u doing it guy forks today??


Like u said, there are advantages and disadvantages.
He is human and will probably make some mistakes but I can't believe that anyone can be as bad as their last president...dunno how he kept hisposition for so long cos he was absolutely crap!
The hope will only last for so long, if he doesn't take certain action the people will turn on hom because they have such high expectations of him. So I hope he acts sooner than later.
We have to give him the benefit of the doubt because he is in power now and has the country behind him.
He represents a lot of people all over the world...not just blacks, remember her is mixed race, a minority, from a poor background. He has all the odds against him and has risen so the average joe feels they can empower themselves and achieve greater things now.

Don't watch the other bloggers, there's enough space for everyone's comments, and others seem kinda shy !
Have a good day people...will put up a new blog very soon. When I get back to London after the weekend I will holla at you.
At the moment it's me and my blackberry bold!


Simey baaby said...

real talk real talk...your brain iz interestin if it had its own course in a college ill enrol.

its true wat u saying give him chance init... "ima lowe u for now obama" n bush huh im baffled like u 2 how he stayd in. dey must of said to him bush ur gonna stay 4 a couple years, mess up the countrys housing market, help inflation to spiral out of control.

Then wer gonna get a black man to come clean up the mess, while u put ur feet up wit millions, taking fancy holidays go hunting n play golf the rest of ur days.

how does dat sound bush?? bush replies geekely hahaha u iant gotta tel me twice i didnt like dis job neway, do u know how hard it iz to make a sentance make sense? lol

gud debating wit ya im done wit da politics 4 now but never done wit polotikin so keep em comming guurl S.G DUN KNOW x