Sunday, 17 October 2010


Good Evening all,

I'm very tired. It has been an emotional weekend but although I feel totally drained I can't sleep. So I thought I'd catch up with you.
In my last post I put up some stills from the video. I'm glad that I can now share with you the official video...

I'm much later posting it than the other blogs even though it is MY video! It's been up for 3 weeks now and has had over 5000 views. I wanna say a big thanks to everyone who's posted it on their twitter, facebook, blogs, magazines etc. I definitely would not have been able to spread the word without you lot! *snoggy kiss*

I know I've told you a kerbillion times already, "You Are The One" is my single, but I'm just letting you know that it is now available to download from most digital stores including itunes, so please support me and download my track. click here

This will look great on your ipod and sound even better! Trust me loool

A week before my single release (4th October 2010), I did a half hour set for an event called "Wired", which is a monthly event @ the swanky Shoreditch House in London. I have footage on my laptop, but here's some I found on youtube which has saved my lazy butt from editing...however I will put something together so you can see a bit of the other songs!

Last Friday I put on my modelling hat and did a photoshoot with Stylist Michelle Candice and Deyahna of Michelle Candice Styling and Make Up Artist Ru Mel. I left the 50's desperate housewife themed shoot totally in their capable hands, which was pretty brave of me, but I'm excited about the outcome!

Behind the scenes

I'll get the finished/chosen shots from the photographer, Richard in the next couple of weeks so as soon as I get them, you'll see them!

Eyes are actually closing now so, I'm going to use my remaining energy to get ready for bed.
Sleep tight and God Bless

Nads x

BTW, I have gigs coming up on the 3rd and 8th of November...Will post details up soon on here and twitter...oh and on fb too.

Nite xxxx