Thursday, 23 April 2009


How beautiful is this weather? I love it. I get so much more stuff done in the summer. As soon as the sun pops up I'm up and out! lol About a month ago I joined Twitter. I must admit that I didn't really get it to start with but I am getting into the swing of things now and update it frequently on my Blackberry, with my ramblings and random thoughts, but I do sometime share valuable information...but to tell you the truth its mainly whatever pops into my head or things I see when I am out and about. So if u wanna keep up with my madness on a day-to-day basis, follow me on I think there's a link somewhere on this page u can click on...

I'm not gonna bore you with everything I've done in the past week, just the highlights.

So...last Friday me and the girls went Roller Skating in Wembley! LOL...Well I was absolutely rubbish at it but we had a laugh. The music was banging and there were loads of us that couldn't skate that well so I didn't feel like the only plonker! But by the end of the night I just wanted to take my skates of and dance. The next evening, I was able to do just that as my lovely friend Rumel invited me to go and see Chante Moore and Kenny Lattimore @ Camden's Jazz Cafe. They are such a beautiful couple, and boy can they sing. I always knew Chante was a good vocalist, but she was actually amazing. She was hitting those Minnie Ripperton notes with ease, made me wanna go home and practice!

I want to say Happy birthday to my friend Courtney, who turned 21 on Monday (you're getting old Courts)! We went out last night for a celebration and had a good laugh! We discovered Baileys and Sambuca (AKA slippery nipple) shots and went home buzzing! Good thing we lined our tummies with Nandos first!

On a musical note, I have confirmed a couple more shows. When the flyers are done I will put them up on here and let you know through Myspace, Twitter, Facebook etc :)
Enjoy the rest of the week!

Nay xxx

Monday, 13 April 2009

Funky Bunnies!

Hey yall,
I hope you're not feeling sick from over indulging in Easter eggs. I didn't consume even one! But I have a nice pack of mini Cadbury's Creme eggs in my fridge....yum yum
I didn't end up going out to dinner on Saturday, I was feeling a bit under the weather, so i ended up falling asleep on my sofa in front of the TV like a nice big couch potato!
I woke up bright and early feeling a nice spring in my step and bounced off to church! The priest wrapped it all up very quickly, which was kinda a blessing because the church was heaving with people that come twice a year! Easter and Christmas! lol. But it's all good. You don't need to go to church to be a good Christian. I know too many people who practically live in church and really don't live their lives right...go figure!

So in keeping with the Easter theme, I hopped on down to Funky Buddha Last night to a bunny themed party! We had a crazy time and as usual, we partied hard and danced like little nutters!
I hope you all enjoyed your weekend too...I can't wait for the next one!
Nads xxx

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Good Friday ???

What's today called? I should know, being a good Catholic girl...Yesterday was Good Friday, tomorrow's Easter Sunday...It must be Easter Saturday or Something.
Well yesterday I went out...I don't normally go out on a Friday, but my friend Courtney started a club night at Kensington Bar and kitchen in...erm...Kensington.
It was a really nice venue, and although it was the launch night and it's kinda give or take whether people will turn up, quite a few people did.
It had a great atmosphere and I am looking forward to going back and bringing more friends down. I will let you know when, maybe you could join me.
The rain tried to spoil the night but we were all in high spirits so we had fun.
Because I don't get out that much I thought I would make the most of it and go to another club too, so I left Kensington bar after a couple of hours and went to meet my friends at Carbon.

We had fun as usual, the night went really well until right at the end when some pathetic woman...not mentioning any names (it's not my duty or style to name and shame), decided to act up. I don't wanna waste too much time on this issue, but it's ridiculous when grown folk don't know how to deal with situations in an adult way, then wonder why they get switched on. If you're not getting attention or respect for who you are, go away and work on it, don't take your insecurities out on others. Basically, just grow up.
Anyhoo, I am having a chillout Saturday until this evening, when I'll probably go out for dinner. I don't think I will put on my dancing shoes tonight....but ya never know, my son is with his dad so...
Will let you know if I do...or I may even see you out and about.
Have a good Easter weekend
Nads xx

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Sorry Sorry Sorry...I hope you still have love for me...

Hey yall, I've been a naughty girl...well technically I have been a good girl cos I've been working hard, but I haven't written on here for a couple of weeks. Slap on the wrist. I hope you are forgiving... Anyway, apologies out of the way now...How are you??? As some of you know I supported Mr Anthony Hamilton at Indigo o2 last week.

I was so excited to be a part of it! lol

He was such a nice, genuine guy and took the time out to stand at the side of the stage and watch my performance and gave me great feedback, as did some of you guys who came down. I'm so glad that loads of you came and said hi to me and others sent me messages to congratulate me on my performance. I feel like I am on a journey, and many of you have been with me for a while now. I appreciate that. I must also big up my friends and family (especially my God Mother who came over from Washington DC) who came down specifically to see myself and sis perform and left before Anthony came on stage. That's support. £27.50 to see a half hour set.
So leading up to the show, there was a lot of preparations, rehearsals, fittings for clothes, blah de blah. Also did promo at Bang fm and Lightning Fm, which was a lot of fun.

It's mad how much preparation goes into a show and then it's just over in a blink of an eye. Sometimes it's like you're not even there. Like an out of body experience...weird.
But it was a great show and Anthony wooed us with his silky tones.

After the show was over, although I have lots of other exciting things in the pipeline, I was able to have some well earned rest and had the opportunity to spend the day (whole day) in Westfields with my God Mother,who is now back in Washington :( but, when I get back from Miami I will make plans to visit her there. She says there's lots to do so I'm on it like Sonic!
I've missed out so many juicy bits, but I'm trying to summarise it so I can get some food. My stomach's really talking to me right now. I have had a really large appetite lately. It's like I am constantly eating, but I have not put on any weight
:( I'm gonna try to fall back into my old habit and update you as much as possible but I have been rushed off my lil feet (size 4) for any of you who wanna donate a pair of shoes to my collection Anyways my lickle Darlinks! I am taking my crazy self off to find some food...or to see if anyone wants to bring me some ;) A girl's gotta try!

Nighty night xxx