Friday, 29 August 2008

It's been a few days since by last blog... gosh this is starting to sound like like a confession...
Apart from a little 'back to school' shopping with my son, I've been at home, which is a rarity. However I don't really feel rested because I have still been hard at work organising my schedule for the rest of the year.

As of next week, I'm back out there.
I'll be hitting that gym again after a summer of slacking! Although I haven't gained any weight, I feel kind of sluggish and lacking in energy.
It's also back to the studio. My boys Nathan and Sean (Allen) are back from an unauthorised break, so I'll be putting them to work ASAP.

Wot else....I put a shout out on FB for photographers and was inundated with responses. I'm now going through all of my options and trying to choose one, which is proving difficult because they were all of such a high standard.
I'll probably end up using them all at some point because they all have unique styles and will all produce different types of pictures.
So, if any of you need a photographer, I can recommend a few.

I have also spent some time doing an interview for, an online magazine.
I think it will be posted next month, but I will keep you up-to-date as soon as I find out for certain...Be sure to read it because it's quite an in depth interview about my music, plus you'll be able to hear 'A Simple Sacrifice' from 2000 Black's latest Album, ' A Next Set A Rockers' which I am featured on.

So...Although I've been a little hermit for the past week, only leaving the house for food, it has been a productive week...

Until next time

Nads xx

Reputable Photographers

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Bank Holiday Weekend (Carnival)

Just a quick one :)

The question that keeps coming up today is :

"Are you going carnival?"

It really should be in my blood to love Carnival, being Jamaican/Grenadian. But I will NOT be attending. I hate to sound like a party pooper or Granny, but I don't like the crowds.

Also, there's the added bonus of a grope or a stab wound or worse!
I just think it's changed in the last few years and is not as enjoyable as it was when I was a young girl, lol.

BUT, it's different strokes for different folk, so... for all of you who are going...enjoy yourself. Have a drink, eat too much, dance till you drop and lastly, be safe.

Nads xx

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Well hello there!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog page.
I'm new to all of this, but I'll get used to it as I familiarise myself with the whole set up.
You're lucky not to be reading this in Hindi as I accidentally enabled the translator...hmm
I'm going to be using this page to document my travels, adventures, and basically my day-to-day happenings.
It'll not only be good for those of you who like to keep updated with what I'm doing, but also as a reference for myself. This year is going so quickly and so much has happened, but it all seems like a blur...I guess I should have started this page a while ago.

Anyway, I'm here now.

Hopefully you will all be able to relate to me better as I share my world with you.

Nads xx