Saturday, 27 June 2009

Back in town

Hey peoples!

I'm back...feeling a mixture of emotions right now. Unfortunately I learned of Michael Jackson's death just before I left Miami and had a very uncomfortable journey!

But I give thanks that I made it back safely and I got to see my son for the first time in two weeks. He was ecstatic :)

I'm going to try to get over this Jet Lag ASAP so I can get on with life.

Hope you are all well.

Nite nite

Nay !


Sunday, 14 June 2009

I'm in Miami B@*%H...

Yes yes peeps...I made it in one piece to Miami. I didn't actually think I was gonna make it here @ some points of the journey because of all the turbulence, but thank God, we arrived safely.
I planned on sleeping the whole journey as the two nights leading up to my departure, I was kept up by friends who decided to come over to say bye (even though I will be back soon)but I was happy to see them all the same and we had a laugh. So I was prepared to sleep for the entire ten hours, but I actually slept for about an hour and watched three movies including Notorious, which I thought was going to be rubbish,but proved me wrong.

Anyway after a bit of a bumpy journey, we landed in HOT HOT Miami! Not wanting to waste time, my sister and I decided to go to Circle Studios on our first day to work on some material with our cousin "LunchMoney" and even though our eyes were closing as we were writing, we got some work done.

Apart from Shopping, we pretty much chilled on our second day as we were overly tired and it all caught up with us. Sometimes there's no point fighting it as much as I wanted to paint the town red, I had to listen to my body, especially since I am still getting over my sickness.

Feeling a bit more refreshed, yesterday my Aunt came to pick us up to take us to South Beach where it all happens.
It was an absolute scorcher and I understood after 5 minutes why EVERYONE drives in Miami. It's too frikken hot to walk anywhere. You'll get sunstroke if you
try! So we took pigeon steps and walked into every other store to get some relief from the air conditioning!
I saw the beautiful Versace Mansion, where he was tragically killed some years ago. It's now a big tourist attraction and you can have a tour there or a meal, but as picturesque as it is, it felt a bit morbid for me to go in, so I took some pictures and kept it moving.
After having a bite to eat, we took a stroll down to the shops and did a bit of window shopping. I decided I was going to restrain myself as I don't wanna spend all my money in one day and I really don't want to have to bring out the cards...pray for me that I stay strong!

Outside the Versace Mansion

Outside the Kardashian's shop

But I must say I was very tempted when I got to the pet shop where I saw the cutest lil doggies. I would have happily spent all my money on puppies and shipping cos they were so adorable. But common sense kicked in, because I already have a dog to look after. But look at the pictures and tell me if you wouldn't wanna take one of them home.

Gonna get ready now to go to the mall with another Aunt and my lil cousins...Good times :)
I hear you're having some good weather in London right now! Enjoy...

Will holla atcha soon
Nads x

Monday, 8 June 2009

I made it...

Okay I only made it from my bedroom to the front room, but at least I'm not bed bound anymore.
I am still feeling really weak and have lost my voice, which is kinda dire considering I am a "singer", but I don't feel like I have been kicked in the side of the head anymore or like I have sand paper in my throat.
But luckily I had family and friends who very bravely volunteered to do things for me and come and sit with me meanwhile I coughed my guts up!
My mum made me some very tasty and peppery chicken soup and another friend came all the way from North London to West, just to drop me some medicine and dvds so that I was fully drugged and occupied.

So now I am out of bed and I can finally think of packing for my Miami trip which is in a few days...hopefully I will be able to blog meanwhile I am out there. If not, keep up-to-date with me on twitter.

I'm sorry that in my last couple of posts have been such a moaner, but I have been very sick and I promise that in the next ones I will be much more happy :)

Speak soon
Nay Nay

Friday, 5 June 2009


Apologies guys,
For those who were going to come and see me @ Soul-D-Out tonight...I won't be making it! I have tried to rest to recover from this sickness, but I actually feel worse right now.
My head, chest, ears and throat are all hurting and I would hate to give a less than average performance so I am staying in bed for the next few days to recuperate.
However, I will be performing @ the next Soul-D-Out in August with a full band.
I am really sorry to let the organisers down as this is very last minute, but it was very unexpected and I have been dosing myself up with cold and flu tablets, echinacea, ibuprofen, hay fever tablets, in a bid to shake this thing, but to no avail.
So I will definitely make sure the next show is worth the wait!
I will be resting up over the weekend. Probably just staying indoors, possibly writing. But nothing too strenuous as I have no appetite or energy.

I'm hoping I will be in a state to go out on Monday to go see my friends "The Score" perform, supported by "Obenewa" @ the roundhouse. It's gonna be a show and a half so fingers crossed.
If you would like to come along msg me @ or on facebook and I will see if I can get some of you on the free guestlist!

The Score - Girls Gone Wild from James Heath on Vimeo.

Have a good weekend Yall
Nuff Love
Nads xx

Thursday, 4 June 2009


I am soooooooo sick...this is really not the time because I am so busy, or maybe that's why I'm sick. Not enough rest! No rest for the flippin wicked!
It seems like I haven't stopped since the last time I posted on here, and although it may seem like I'm moaning (and I am slightly) I actually feel blessed that I am busy because it's so hard to get things moving sometimes, but it's full steam ahead!!

Where did I leave off? I think I last wrote to you last weekend...Well Sunday was a beautiful day although I nearly got lost in London on the way to a TV interview for Jay Jay TV. I met up @ the studio with Erik Rico and his management to be interviewed by Mr Lucas, who also happens to be a good friend of mine from waaaay back!
After we headed down to Shoreditch to Bar Music Hall to see my sister perform, and what a great performance it was...As usual (I'm not biased btw)!

Monday I hardly had time to get over the weekend as I had to take my son to his check up @ the hosptial, but they doctors are very happy with his progress and the fact that his illness hasn't hindered his education. So it wasn't too bad apart from the part when they had to take blood samples, which he very understandably doesn't like. But he was brave and I was proud :)

On Tuesday, I spent a little time with my lil cuz Rosie May who I haven't seen for a few months. She's such a cutie.

Then my friend DJ Christoss took me to South London to meet up with a producer who's interested in working with me. I was very impressed with his work and he seems like he has a good work ethic too so hopefully we can sort something out so we can work together.

And was all about the TRUTH MOVEMENT! We spent all day in the studio and produced a track from scratch for my EP and it sounds BAAAAAAAD...I know lots of people have been waiting for my EP for a long time but I really wanna give you something special. So hopefully you will approve.

Anyway I am off now cos despite the fact I feel like crap, I have to get ready to go all the way to East London for a rehearsal for my gig tomorrow. So please pray for me.
God Bless until the next time

Nads xxx