Thursday, 4 June 2009


I am soooooooo sick...this is really not the time because I am so busy, or maybe that's why I'm sick. Not enough rest! No rest for the flippin wicked!
It seems like I haven't stopped since the last time I posted on here, and although it may seem like I'm moaning (and I am slightly) I actually feel blessed that I am busy because it's so hard to get things moving sometimes, but it's full steam ahead!!

Where did I leave off? I think I last wrote to you last weekend...Well Sunday was a beautiful day although I nearly got lost in London on the way to a TV interview for Jay Jay TV. I met up @ the studio with Erik Rico and his management to be interviewed by Mr Lucas, who also happens to be a good friend of mine from waaaay back!
After we headed down to Shoreditch to Bar Music Hall to see my sister perform, and what a great performance it was...As usual (I'm not biased btw)!

Monday I hardly had time to get over the weekend as I had to take my son to his check up @ the hosptial, but they doctors are very happy with his progress and the fact that his illness hasn't hindered his education. So it wasn't too bad apart from the part when they had to take blood samples, which he very understandably doesn't like. But he was brave and I was proud :)

On Tuesday, I spent a little time with my lil cuz Rosie May who I haven't seen for a few months. She's such a cutie.

Then my friend DJ Christoss took me to South London to meet up with a producer who's interested in working with me. I was very impressed with his work and he seems like he has a good work ethic too so hopefully we can sort something out so we can work together.

And was all about the TRUTH MOVEMENT! We spent all day in the studio and produced a track from scratch for my EP and it sounds BAAAAAAAD...I know lots of people have been waiting for my EP for a long time but I really wanna give you something special. So hopefully you will approve.

Anyway I am off now cos despite the fact I feel like crap, I have to get ready to go all the way to East London for a rehearsal for my gig tomorrow. So please pray for me.
God Bless until the next time

Nads xxx

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