Sunday, 14 June 2009

I'm in Miami B@*%H...

Yes yes peeps...I made it in one piece to Miami. I didn't actually think I was gonna make it here @ some points of the journey because of all the turbulence, but thank God, we arrived safely.
I planned on sleeping the whole journey as the two nights leading up to my departure, I was kept up by friends who decided to come over to say bye (even though I will be back soon)but I was happy to see them all the same and we had a laugh. So I was prepared to sleep for the entire ten hours, but I actually slept for about an hour and watched three movies including Notorious, which I thought was going to be rubbish,but proved me wrong.

Anyway after a bit of a bumpy journey, we landed in HOT HOT Miami! Not wanting to waste time, my sister and I decided to go to Circle Studios on our first day to work on some material with our cousin "LunchMoney" and even though our eyes were closing as we were writing, we got some work done.

Apart from Shopping, we pretty much chilled on our second day as we were overly tired and it all caught up with us. Sometimes there's no point fighting it as much as I wanted to paint the town red, I had to listen to my body, especially since I am still getting over my sickness.

Feeling a bit more refreshed, yesterday my Aunt came to pick us up to take us to South Beach where it all happens.
It was an absolute scorcher and I understood after 5 minutes why EVERYONE drives in Miami. It's too frikken hot to walk anywhere. You'll get sunstroke if you
try! So we took pigeon steps and walked into every other store to get some relief from the air conditioning!
I saw the beautiful Versace Mansion, where he was tragically killed some years ago. It's now a big tourist attraction and you can have a tour there or a meal, but as picturesque as it is, it felt a bit morbid for me to go in, so I took some pictures and kept it moving.
After having a bite to eat, we took a stroll down to the shops and did a bit of window shopping. I decided I was going to restrain myself as I don't wanna spend all my money in one day and I really don't want to have to bring out the cards...pray for me that I stay strong!

Outside the Versace Mansion

Outside the Kardashian's shop

But I must say I was very tempted when I got to the pet shop where I saw the cutest lil doggies. I would have happily spent all my money on puppies and shipping cos they were so adorable. But common sense kicked in, because I already have a dog to look after. But look at the pictures and tell me if you wouldn't wanna take one of them home.

Gonna get ready now to go to the mall with another Aunt and my lil cousins...Good times :)
I hear you're having some good weather in London right now! Enjoy...

Will holla atcha soon
Nads x


Incisive said...

Im jealous!! buy me sumin!! lol

Na, hope u enjoy urself out there!!

p.s STAY STRONG!!!! NO CARDS!! lol

tk care


Mr B said...

"hey its me versace.. whoops somebody shot me...and i was just checkin the male...geddit checking the male"

sorry had to put that old eminem lyric in there...bad taste i know..but hey looks hot there nadine....and the weather too

ahh see what i did there?


ok enough bad jokes..have a great remainder of ur vacation ..dont work too hard