Friday, 10 December 2010

Last shows for 2010!

I just thought I'd let you know about my next two gigs which happen to be my last shows for 2010. This year's come and gone so quickly and if I haven't seen you this year I would like to see you before the year's out. So come down to see me and join me for a drink or something!
I'm singing at "Soulcial" next Tuesday 14th Dec @ the Workshop which is in Shoreditch, Old street. I'll be on quite early I think @ 8pm so if you don't wanna miss me, come early.
The Last gig of the year will be @ Dingwalls in Camden on 27th Dec where I will be a Support Act for Marsha Ambrosius (formerly of Floetry). My sister Obenewa is also supporting so it will be and ALL female ALL UK line up! So get your tickets now, they're already on sale. MARSHA AMBROSIUS WITH UK Support Hope to see you there
Nads x

Sunday, 5 December 2010


Hey peeps,

How are you ? I know my UK friends are battling with the snow, frost, generally crappy weather BUT the show must go on.

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely HATE the cold weather and I am a sun worshipper and practically go into hibernation in the winter. However my schedule this winter has not allowed for me to be the hermit that I am. So I invested in a fur coat and against my principles, some Ugg boots. Yes I know, I know, they're ugly...BUT, they keep your toes from catching frostbite. Trust me. It's not about appearance in these times here! lol
So...I WILL be looking like a lil bear if you catch me out and around town. I can't afford to catch a cold, neither do I have the desire to do so.

You'll be pleased to hear I've been a good girl. I've been taking my camera around town with me.
Last Week I was invited by one of my best buddies DJ Christoss to see The Legends of UK Soul in association with the ACLT in memory of Lynden David Hall. We were entertained by the likes of Don E, Mica Paris, Jonas, Joseph Junior, Sinclair and the Legendary Roachford.
Here's a clip of Roachford doing a song he wrote with the late great Lynden David Hall. "Where My Heaven Is". This song actually brought me to tears and meeting Lynden's wife who helped with the event humbled me.

Next up was Don E. Such a lovely guy and massive talent!!!

Mica Paris was last up and didn't disappoint.

At the end of the show all the artists had a lil jam session and even invited the backing singers to participate which was nice, especially since they were MY backing singers, Kyri and Stephanie. I was so proud :)

I must say, I really didn't want to leave the comfort of my home because the weather on Sunday was disgusting. But I so glad I made the effort to go and take in the show and give a lil to the ACLT charity. I know funds are tight right now...but you can give a £3 donation to the charity by texting 70300.

On a lighter note...I had the great pleasure of opening up for Glenn Lewis on Thursday.
Again the weather was absolutely pants and some of my friends (especially in South London) were snowed in which affected the turnout, BUT there was still a healthy crowd there to support.

Walk Right/Simple Sacrifice

You Are The One

I hope you've enjoyed the videos. Gonna watch the rest of Xfactor now as much as I really detest this series...discussion for another day...or twitter

Wrap up warm and be safe.
Much Love
Nads xx

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Oooh la la la! lol


I hope you are all well.
Over the past few weeks I've had to deal with some things that I never in my lifetime thought I would, but I do believe we are not given anything we can't handle so I'm sure I will get through it. One thing it has taught me though is to really not sweat the small stuff. Things that would normally get me down or piss me off are now irrelevant.

I would like to send a special shout to my friends and band who have been very patient with me and have worked around me. Love you guys xx

Anyhoo....moving on here are some pictures from the shoot I did the other day. I'm really loving the black House of Rena dress and I didn't wanna take off the fur coat.

We had a lot of fun and I think we are due to shoot again soon!

Some pics from Shoreditch House Gig...Note to self...Learn to sing pretty!

Last week I performed @ I luv live and Soul 4 Real. Like a plum I forgot to get someone to film both of them. But everyone said they were good shows and my band enjoyed themselves.

My next gig is on the 2nd December 2010 @ The Vibe Bar, Brick Lane. I'm supporting Glenn Lewis and I'm excited as he's an artist I definitely look up to and he's got a character to match his lovely music.

I'll post you the link to the event in a couple days so you can get your tickets in advance because I'm sure it'll get sold out soon.

Until then
Keep safe and well
Love Nads xx

Sunday, 17 October 2010


Good Evening all,

I'm very tired. It has been an emotional weekend but although I feel totally drained I can't sleep. So I thought I'd catch up with you.
In my last post I put up some stills from the video. I'm glad that I can now share with you the official video...

I'm much later posting it than the other blogs even though it is MY video! It's been up for 3 weeks now and has had over 5000 views. I wanna say a big thanks to everyone who's posted it on their twitter, facebook, blogs, magazines etc. I definitely would not have been able to spread the word without you lot! *snoggy kiss*

I know I've told you a kerbillion times already, "You Are The One" is my single, but I'm just letting you know that it is now available to download from most digital stores including itunes, so please support me and download my track. click here

This will look great on your ipod and sound even better! Trust me loool

A week before my single release (4th October 2010), I did a half hour set for an event called "Wired", which is a monthly event @ the swanky Shoreditch House in London. I have footage on my laptop, but here's some I found on youtube which has saved my lazy butt from editing...however I will put something together so you can see a bit of the other songs!

Last Friday I put on my modelling hat and did a photoshoot with Stylist Michelle Candice and Deyahna of Michelle Candice Styling and Make Up Artist Ru Mel. I left the 50's desperate housewife themed shoot totally in their capable hands, which was pretty brave of me, but I'm excited about the outcome!

Behind the scenes

I'll get the finished/chosen shots from the photographer, Richard in the next couple of weeks so as soon as I get them, you'll see them!

Eyes are actually closing now so, I'm going to use my remaining energy to get ready for bed.
Sleep tight and God Bless

Nads x

BTW, I have gigs coming up on the 3rd and 8th of November...Will post details up soon on here and twitter...oh and on fb too.

Nite xxxx

Thursday, 16 September 2010

You Are The One...

Hey dudes and dudettes,

It's been a long wait for my Single and video. But it's been out of my control.
BUT as they say...the best things come to those who wait and I thank you all for being patient. I must admit I was starting to lose mine (patience)!

Anyway. The video will be released for your viewing next week, followed shortly by a release date for the single.

I hope you like it and I would like to thank you again for your patience and support.

Nads xx

Monday, 16 August 2010

Keepin ya in the loop!

Sooo my lurrvvverlies...I've been so busy I don't even know what day it is right now. But busy is a great thing and I feel blessed that I have that privilege.

I did few more shows since the gig at mau mau's and I will try and get my hands on some footage to put up in the next post.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of you who watched my "kisses in the morning" promo video
It's been up for 3 weeks now and has had over 3000 views which is a great achievement for me. So at least I know people are getting to hear my music! Please keep posting and spreading the word!

I have also been very fortunate to have had my video and song reviewed by many blogs, sites, magazines etc.

My most recent one was in an article by Terry Bello (founder of the International Soul Music Summit)
Please check it out

If you've been following my blog for a while, you will remember the name Emmy Collins.
He's a friend of mine who happens to be a Fashion Designer. I have had the pleasure of wearing his clothes and working alongside him on shoots and will continue to support him as I believe his style is very unique and innovative.

Emmy and I

Brian Friedman modelling two of his suits

An Emmy Collin's Dress

Born Nigerian and growing up during Fela’s (Kuti) prime, he sneaked out on many a night to watch the Afro beat king play at his “Afrika Shrine” club influenced Emmy so much that from his teens together with his neighbourhood friends, he developed clothing styles unique to his time and brought to life by a local machinist friend. Emmy Collins’ work today is not a copy of Fela’s sartorial sense. Instead he has honed his creative skills while borrowing from some of his personal childhood creations and allowing memories of his music icon to inspire his original designs today. These influences have never been more evident than in his Spring/Summer 2011 collection recently unveiled at the Pitti Immagine Uomo 78 men’s apparel fashion show in Florence, Italy.

The Emmy Collins London collection can be viewed at his eponymous showroom opening 25th August at:
87 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3HY, TEL:02034870734, Email
Feel free to come down and have a sneaky peak through his collection between 11am and 8pm.
I look forward to seeing you all there.

I will also let you know when the Grand Opening Launch Party is taking place, that will be an event and a half!!!

Okay me dearies. I need to get some rest. I have a very important recording session tomorrow.

Also got much more to tell you but that will have to wait for another day...

Sweet dreams
God Bless
Nay Nay xx

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Been so long...

Been meaning to post something up here for a while but been busy with rehearsals in general!

I know I know...I'm like that bad girlfriend/boyfriend who says "baby I'm gonna change" and does so for a week and then reverts back to their former bad ways. But you love me too much to dump me...right? Mwaaaah
Love you too xx

Wanna say a big big thank you to everyone who came down to my gig at Mau Mau Bar last Thursday. I must say I was surprised at how many of you turned up to see lil ole me :) THANK YOU

Here are a few pictures that Jerry Barnett took.

To see more of his work go to

A couple days ago I uploaded a video I did for that free download I gave you a few weeks ago "Kisses In The Morning"

Have a look and if you like it please comment, subscribe to my youtube channel and share it with a friend. Sharing is caring !

Must dash again but holla at me on twitter. WWW.TWITTER.COM/NADIVA99

Take care
God Bless
Nads xx

Monday, 14 June 2010

FINALLY some free music for my luvvies xx

<a href="">Kisses In The Morning by Nadine Charles</a>

It's not the track that I was going to originally give you, because it's not quite ready, so I got this one mixed for you and it's easy to download. Enjoy girls and boys and let me know what you think xx

Nadsy x

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

It's me again?

Hey you,

I'd been putting off writing a post because I wanted to give you some FREE music at the same time, but you know how it goes...things don't always go as planned. Hopefully I will get it by the end of today and I'll post it up later or tomorrow.

HOW ARE YOU? It's been a while since I've asked that. I'm always going on about ME ME ME but I'm so grateful for all the feedback i get on twitter and facebook, but you guys are still shy after all this time to write comments on here...what's so scary???
It's all good though, any feedback is appreciated, so thank you...I do listen and hopefully learn!

Anyhoo...the past week has been fantastic. Call me Miss Hot Foot! I have been out quite a lot since the last post. Restaurants, clubs, but most importantly some excellent gigs!

I would've loved to have given you pics and footage from Kaidi Tatham's gig @ Jazz re:freshed but silly me was too out of it to stick around! I had taken some medication and accidentally mixed it with a lovely glass of wine which had a crazy affect on me! I was so upset because I was looking forward to it ALL week.
Anyway, I just found some footage on youtube...(kaidi is the guy on keys by the way)I'm honoured to have had the pleasure of working with him :)


I'm so happy to have actually witnessed this Album Launch. It really set the standard to a totally different level. Everyone I know that went said it was the best gig they'd been to in a while and I'd have to agree. Ty is a fantastic Lyricist and has the respect of so many other UK and overseas artists (including myself) which is why so many of us went to support him @ Jazz Cafe last Monday. I've said it a hundred times now and I know I've annoyed a couple people who missed out but I said it was gonna be one NOT to miss and I was right!

The support act on the night was none other than Colin Emmanuel aka Black Einstein.
I saw his set a few weeks ago at a gig on Brick Lane and was blown away , but this performance was even better!
Here's some footage I took with my own fair hands.

Black Einstein @ Ty Album Launch from Nadine Charles on Vimeo.

In between sets we were still bubbling courtesy of music provided by DJ Mr Thing and DJ Bounce.

When TY hit the stage it was non-stop energy from beginning to end. Check out my video.

Untitled from Nadine Charles on Vimeo.

I've been a George Benson fan from a young age. I like most of the music my parents played when I was a kid and as my mum was a fan and went to see George in nineteen seventy-something, I also became a fan!
A friend of mine is his Stage Manager and tours with him so I get the hook up every time he's in London :)
Last year I saw him at the Royal Albert Hall which was fantastic, but this year he played at the O2 Arena...not so brilliant. George was fabulous as usual but I don't like that venue AT ALL...the sound in there was very questionable.
Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the show as he has a fantastic band and his voice is faultless, not to mention his guitar playing skills! WOW
I only recorded a little bit because I wasn't sure how it would come out so here's a snippet of the night!

George Benson from Nadine Charles on Vimeo.

I know I winged a bit about the venue, but being a musician, my ears are kinda sensitive. But I had a lovely evening and enjoyed hanging out with George and the band after.

Candy Mag
Candy Mag is an urban men's magazine, it's a British equivalent to something like King or Show magazine.
I was asked to do an interview and photoshoot for this publication a few months ago and although my initial reaction was "are they going to expect me to get my bits out?" I was quickly put at ease, so I agreed to it. I had an excellent make up artist with me that day, Emily Rose, who used minimal make up but make me look lovely. Thanks luvvy xx
And I had the pleasure of working with Kosher who is a wizard with the camera. I saw the pictures before any airbrushing and I was very impressed.
After the shoot, I was interviewed by Semper. It seemed more like a conversation than an interview, so on the whole it was a great day.
Last week vol 4 of Candy Mag UK was launched and I went along to the party where I met some of the featured models, such as covergirls Sashia Summers and Demented who were absolutely lovely.
We were entertained by a girl from a group called Polefection. Basically they teach pole dancing for exercise and host parties such as Hen nights etc. I can tell you the performance went down a treat with the lads and I must say seeing the dancer's bodies made me consider doing classes for exercise purposes. Don't worry, I will not be changing professions on you.
Here's a little clip of the dancer...

Candy Mag! from Nadine Charles on Vimeo.

Here's footage from my shoot at the Femelle studios

You can download Vol 4 of Candy mag at for just £1 for the digital copy. BARGAIN!

Last but NOT least

It's my gorgeous friend Natalie's birthday today. And although she calls me "mole" because of my bad eyesight, I still wish her a wonderful day and hope she's enjoying all her birthday treats!

Well I'm off for now,

I'll be back soon

Much Love

Nads xx

Monday, 24 May 2010

Everybody Loves The Sunshine...

Well that may be a sweeping comment BUT most people love the sunshine apart from a couple of weirdos. The sun generally puts people in a good mood and encourages us to come out of our dwellings and socialise. I ♥ it a LOT!
It helps motivate me. Let's be honest, when it's all gloomy outside it takes an extra effort to get out of the bed. When it's sunny I practically jump out of the bed and hit the ground running! lol...okay slight exaggeration but you catch my drift!

From the end of last week the weather here in London started picking up which coincided with a session I had with Dornik Leigh of the Truth MoveMENT.
I normally go to his house and within a couple hours I will have written and recorded a song. We have a great chemistry. In the last few months I think I've done four or five tracks with him.

I videoed a bit of the session for you all to see how the song began and how it progressed. And because we're feeling sunshiny, Dornik and I are giving the track away for FREE.
It will be available in a few days so stay in the loop by following me on my twitter so you can get the download details

Come On Son from Nadine Charles on Vimeo.

The same evening I ended up @ Mau Mau. The Uprock boys had New York Artist Spec Boogie performing and my sis was singing a couple of his hooks so I thought I'd go and have a peek and also keep her company.

As usual we grabbed a bite to eat first. I actually ended up getting upset because my friend Incisive ordered food which tasted waaaaaaaay nicer than got quite emotional. But luckily the show had me bobbing my head and I forgot about it ....... till the show was over!

I'd never heard of Spec Boogie before, as did none of my friends, but he had us all singing along, dancing and vibing.
Check him out
Have a look at the footage I took below...There's so much I missed but I got quite a bit still!

Spec Boogie from Nadine Charles on Vimeo.

The good weather continued to the weekend. It actually got hotter. On Saturday I overdosed on football. My son had football training in the morning, then in the afternoon he had a Football Funday at his school. I spent 6 hours watching football. My idea of HELL. I actually do like football, but little kids who don't know how to play, who sulk when they lose (hmmm sounds a bit like men! lol) is NOT fun. BUT hey it's part and parcel of being a parent. Sometimes you've gotta do stuff you don't want to.

So Sunday, was about MEEEEEEEE! lol
Some friends and I wanted to go and make the most of the sun, so we decided to go to one of the biggest parks in the country, Hyde Park.
I packed a bag full of goodies and a cooler full of drinks (including a lovely bottle of wine), whacked on the sunscreen and headed off to the park.
One of my friends suggested roller skating! if! It was all about lazing in the sun for me :)
We had a FUNtastic time

Hyde Park from Nadine Charles on Vimeo.

That was my weekend in a nutshell.

Oh, and If you didn't have a chance to look at the profile posted of me in Flavour Magazine, have a butchers FLAVOUR MAG It's short and sweet. Go on have a nosey!

Okay peeps.
I'm off now. But do stay in touch with me on twitter until the next post. I'll let you know when and how you can download FREE, yes FREE music.
Until we meet again, have a blessed week


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Music is the Remedy

In the past week or so I've been overdosing on music...if that's actually possible. I came to the conclusion a long time ago that music is the remedy for me. If I'm sad I play music, if I'm happy I play music, if I wanna create a mood *wink wink* I play music. Music plays a big part in my life. I've written some of my best songs when I've been going through some major ish and needed to vent. I LOVE MUSIC !!

SO...continuing from my last post, I've been going out to more gigs! Supporting some fantastic musical friends of mine.
I went down to Vibe bar in Brick lane to see my friend, musician and producer Colin Emmanuel otherwise known as the Black Einstein.
He actually produced a track on my EP
Have a listen. It's called "Not My Man".

Anyhoo. He played a brilliant set and had Mystro, Baby Sol and Sharlene Hector on vocals. I was enjoying it so much that I nearly forgot to film. But I did get a little bit for you.
Have a lookie

Black Einstein from Nadine Charles on Vimeo.

The next night my sis sang at an event called Soul-d-out held at Cottons in Angel. The food was great and my sis was even better!

Last Thursday, I met up with some of my friends for dinner on Portobello Road before having the pleasure of seeing my longtime friend J-soul from Gospel group Blessed Voices perform @ Inn on the Green. He's now doing his solo thing and I'm sure you'll agree that he's got a beautiful voice.

J-Soul from Nadine Charles on Vimeo.

We had a fun night as usual. Too many jokes, great food, company and music. Perfecto!

Friday I had my first rehearsal with my new band "Soundforce". It was fun. We have a LOT of work to do, but we had a nice lil jam and just got familiar. Played my songs a bit and I introduced them to the sounds of Don Blackman. They loved him!!

Here's a lil clip of our rehearsal. Remember it's our FIRST so don't watch any bum notes on the band's part...on the other hand, I have no excuse, but hey! Apologies for the shaky filming. My son was the cameraman on the day. He's got a bit to learn!

Untitled from Nadine Charles on Vimeo.

Today I had a rehearsal with a guitarist and a studio session with my good friend Pesci and Nutty P. I was rushing around so much I forgot to film anything or take pics. Sorry!

Until Next time...Stay Blessed
Nads xx