Wednesday, 9 June 2010

It's me again?

Hey you,

I'd been putting off writing a post because I wanted to give you some FREE music at the same time, but you know how it goes...things don't always go as planned. Hopefully I will get it by the end of today and I'll post it up later or tomorrow.

HOW ARE YOU? It's been a while since I've asked that. I'm always going on about ME ME ME but I'm so grateful for all the feedback i get on twitter and facebook, but you guys are still shy after all this time to write comments on here...what's so scary???
It's all good though, any feedback is appreciated, so thank you...I do listen and hopefully learn!

Anyhoo...the past week has been fantastic. Call me Miss Hot Foot! I have been out quite a lot since the last post. Restaurants, clubs, but most importantly some excellent gigs!

I would've loved to have given you pics and footage from Kaidi Tatham's gig @ Jazz re:freshed but silly me was too out of it to stick around! I had taken some medication and accidentally mixed it with a lovely glass of wine which had a crazy affect on me! I was so upset because I was looking forward to it ALL week.
Anyway, I just found some footage on youtube...(kaidi is the guy on keys by the way)I'm honoured to have had the pleasure of working with him :)


I'm so happy to have actually witnessed this Album Launch. It really set the standard to a totally different level. Everyone I know that went said it was the best gig they'd been to in a while and I'd have to agree. Ty is a fantastic Lyricist and has the respect of so many other UK and overseas artists (including myself) which is why so many of us went to support him @ Jazz Cafe last Monday. I've said it a hundred times now and I know I've annoyed a couple people who missed out but I said it was gonna be one NOT to miss and I was right!

The support act on the night was none other than Colin Emmanuel aka Black Einstein.
I saw his set a few weeks ago at a gig on Brick Lane and was blown away , but this performance was even better!
Here's some footage I took with my own fair hands.

Black Einstein @ Ty Album Launch from Nadine Charles on Vimeo.

In between sets we were still bubbling courtesy of music provided by DJ Mr Thing and DJ Bounce.

When TY hit the stage it was non-stop energy from beginning to end. Check out my video.

Untitled from Nadine Charles on Vimeo.

I've been a George Benson fan from a young age. I like most of the music my parents played when I was a kid and as my mum was a fan and went to see George in nineteen seventy-something, I also became a fan!
A friend of mine is his Stage Manager and tours with him so I get the hook up every time he's in London :)
Last year I saw him at the Royal Albert Hall which was fantastic, but this year he played at the O2 Arena...not so brilliant. George was fabulous as usual but I don't like that venue AT ALL...the sound in there was very questionable.
Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the show as he has a fantastic band and his voice is faultless, not to mention his guitar playing skills! WOW
I only recorded a little bit because I wasn't sure how it would come out so here's a snippet of the night!

George Benson from Nadine Charles on Vimeo.

I know I winged a bit about the venue, but being a musician, my ears are kinda sensitive. But I had a lovely evening and enjoyed hanging out with George and the band after.

Candy Mag
Candy Mag is an urban men's magazine, it's a British equivalent to something like King or Show magazine.
I was asked to do an interview and photoshoot for this publication a few months ago and although my initial reaction was "are they going to expect me to get my bits out?" I was quickly put at ease, so I agreed to it. I had an excellent make up artist with me that day, Emily Rose, who used minimal make up but make me look lovely. Thanks luvvy xx
And I had the pleasure of working with Kosher who is a wizard with the camera. I saw the pictures before any airbrushing and I was very impressed.
After the shoot, I was interviewed by Semper. It seemed more like a conversation than an interview, so on the whole it was a great day.
Last week vol 4 of Candy Mag UK was launched and I went along to the party where I met some of the featured models, such as covergirls Sashia Summers and Demented who were absolutely lovely.
We were entertained by a girl from a group called Polefection. Basically they teach pole dancing for exercise and host parties such as Hen nights etc. I can tell you the performance went down a treat with the lads and I must say seeing the dancer's bodies made me consider doing classes for exercise purposes. Don't worry, I will not be changing professions on you.
Here's a little clip of the dancer...

Candy Mag! from Nadine Charles on Vimeo.

Here's footage from my shoot at the Femelle studios

You can download Vol 4 of Candy mag at for just £1 for the digital copy. BARGAIN!

Last but NOT least

It's my gorgeous friend Natalie's birthday today. And although she calls me "mole" because of my bad eyesight, I still wish her a wonderful day and hope she's enjoying all her birthday treats!

Well I'm off for now,

I'll be back soon

Much Love

Nads xx