Thursday, 25 September 2008

Back in business :)

Me and some of my peeps xxx

Good Evening,

I'm feeling much better today. I've had a couple days of rest which were necessary. Now I'm officially 'BACK IN BUSINESS'.

Firstly, I'd like to give a shout out to all of you who read my blogs and give me feedback...and I'm not taking anything away from you silent ones out there, read on, I'm just grateful for your opinions. Thank you xx

Although I'm not feeling 100% healthwise, I'm feeling really good. Without going into it, certain situations test your character and those around you. Recently, it was confirmed that I have the right people and supporters around me and I can handle myself pretty well (excuse me while I brush my shoulders off) LOL:)

I know sometimes it's easier or a natural reaction to fight fire with fire...But , if you play with fire, you WILL get burnt.

I'm feeling positive peeps. I had my first rehearsal for my gig today and although, very vague, I am happy with what we achieved and I'm excited :)

Anyway my little love bunnies, gotta go now and catch up on the tidying up I never did when i was tucked up in bed...or I could just go and watch Eastenders and Hollyoaks...Hmmm..decisions, decisions ....

Lots of love and kisses

Nads xxx

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Hey girls and boys.
Jusk a quick one today. I've not been very well the last couple days, hence the silence. But I thought I'd pass through so you all know I haven't left you for my camera!
I'm not going to respond to the negativity that is trying to dampen my spirits, because I guess it comes with the territory so i'm going to whizz right past that and just give you all a quick heads up on my progress in this music game which is my focus and priority.
I've finally confirmed the date of my acoustic gig. it's in London Bridge at the Hidden Julep, on the 29th October. I know it's a school night, but I would really appreciate it if you showed some love and I'll try to let you all out by bedtime.

I will let you know more closer to the time.
Have a nice evening guys. I'm off now. Need to get better so I can get some stuff done tomorrow as today has been less than productive. At least I've got the excuse that I'm sick though...

Nighty night xxxxxx

N x

Friday, 19 September 2008

My little Marley xxx

I filmed my little pooch too :)
I know she's a shaggy dog story...but she's soooo lovely xx


What more could I ask for today? The sun was shining, I'm healthy and I've finally got my new CAMERA...and she's beautiful. For all the functions she has, she's surprisingly small. But it's all good. I know she'll fit into the tiniest of handbags on a night out and there's loads coming up with mine, my friend's and sister's birthdays just around the corner..So keep an eye out for the tipsy photos. It seemed like I had to wait for ages to receive it, but it was worth the wait. I was literally like a child on christmas day...except I'm footing the bill for it.... Anyway. I'm gonna test it out and say a quick hey to yall. N xxxxxx

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Out with the old. In with the new...

They say it happens in 3's....well they're right.
I need a new car, laptop and camera.
My car is knackered. I've had it for 3 years now and I think she's given up. She still works but is temperamental. So I just leave her alone. I might fix her or keep walking and hitch hiking :) It's kinda nice not to be designated driver.
Plus since I mentioned returning to the gym...well, ummmm...the gym hasn't seen me for dust!So the walking is the only exercise I'm getting right now. But at the moment, I'm the incredible shrinking woman. I've lost over half a stone in the last few weeks...dunno what that's all about.

My stone-aged and the memory is too small for all the stuff I do, plus I want a Mac for my music.

Lastly, my I've mentioned before it is M.I.A. I'm still waiting for the new one and I'm losing my patience because it'll be a week tomorrow since I ordered it.
Anyway...enough of the moaning, it'll be here soon.

Been having one of those weeks...So I've been spending time alone, mobiles off, just taking some time out. Sometimes it's very necessary to take yourself out of the rat race and recoup.
I dunno...maybe it's weird, but it works for me.
So the past few days I've just been listening to music and cleaning my flat. I've never seen it so immaculate. I can invite people over now !
All I need to do now is sort out my shoes...It's a task and a half because I have hundreds..Imelda Marcos has nothing on me!
I love my shoes beacause of all the different styles, colours and the fact I'm only size 4 (37), they look really cute :)

Ok... Task tomorrow is gonna be to take out a few pairs from each of my shoe cupboards and take them to the charity shop. I don't even wear half of them anyway....

Nighty night.

Going to listen to some music and have an early one...

Nads xxxx

Things that go bump in the night !!

Ok last night I'm chillin on my sofa having eaten four, yes four Mr. Kipling french fancies. They are so yummy you can't just eat one or two. And I know it's not very healthy, but I washed it down with a glass of cherry coke (my favourite) :)
I was watching some documentary I recorded the other night on some baby with two faces in India, then I heard a loud bang coming from my boy's room. I put down my cakes and rushed to his room to find him lying on the floor on his duvet ...he'd fallen off his bed and continued to sleep! ...Now that's what I call a deep sleep. I shouldn't laugh, but it was funny...Now don't go and call the NSPCC on me, I did check if he was okay, but all he was interested in was going back to bed.
I think I'm going to have to invest in a double bed for him or put cushions around the bed or something... Hmmmm

Monday, 15 September 2008

NO CAMERA...Missing In Action !

I'm sad...I have been without my camera for at least a month and a half now. It was a cute little thing. A birthday present to myself last year.
The mad thing is ...and don't laugh...I think I lost in it in my own house!!!
So, I've been waiting patiently for it to appear from behind the cereal or under the sofa, but no such luck.
I've been wanting to film events that I've been to, rehearsals and sometimes, little diary entries when I'm feeling too tired...lazy to type. But my hands have been tied because I'm officially CAMERA-LESS!!!!
Anyhoo...have no fear...I should be receiving a new one any day now. I ordered it on friday and it's even better than the last one...more megapixels and 4GB internal memory...WOW, I can hear you all say!! LOL
So hold tight people, soon I'll be coming atcha in moving pictures! Wooo hoo (the novelty will wear off don't worry)...


Lata my little mashed potatas

Nads xxxx

Sunday, 14 September 2008

It's a small world after all :)

Just a quickie ;)

I'm sure you're all familiar with the saying 'It's a small world'...but it really is.

Recently, because of the use of the internet, it has become even more apparent. I've realised how connected we all are.

When I first joined Myspace a couple of years ago, one of my first 'friends' was a young artist called 'Incisive' (you should check him out on myspace, he also has a blog page too)...Anyway we've kept in contact through myspace/ Facebook. However, due to circumstances, we've never actually met in person.
So it was weird when I walked into a venue last night to see my friend Kadija Kamara sing, and Incisive was the first person standing the flesh. It was kind of surreal to be standing face-to-face with someone who you feel you know, but have never actually met!

Anyway. We're all part of the same network of friends, which is getting larger by the day and it's nice to see everyone supporting each other.

Kadija rocked the mic (with the help of her band and beautiful backing vocalists Asabi and Obenewa Well done to you all.

Anyway...Like I said, just dropping a quick one today.. I'm going back to bed! What???? It's of rest :)


Nads xx

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Lights, Camera, Action !

Hey Yall,

I can't believe a whole week has passed since I wrote something on here. I hope you are all well and not getting depressed by this crappy weather we're having.

As I was telling you last week, I was looking for a photographer and was spoilt for choice. In the end, I decided to visit Ikenna Mokwe of A friend of mine, Femi Oguns (playwright of 'Torn' and founder of 'Identity Drama school') highly recommended him and said if I wasn't impressed, he would eat his hat...or something to that effect. So it was a win win situation. I'd either have brilliant pics or watch Femi eat his words! Sounded like a plan :)

Another friend of mine is a make-up artist (boy it's good to have friends) and volunteered....hmmm, I don't know how accurate this is now. Ok..I don't know if she volunteered, but hey, it sounds better, so lets go with that.

Alright, so my friend/make-up artist (Byuti Kasei) did my make-up (and I'm sure you'll all agree that she did a great job) before we went to the studio so that we'd be ready for action.

When we got there we were greeted by Ike and discussed what I wanted to get out of the session, which was just my personality really! So he got me things that I liked or represented me and we had fun with it. I must admit, I had preconceptions that it was going to be boring. But before we knew it the session was over and we had hundreds of pics! Including the little miss bossy one above (dunno how that could possibly represent moi) LOL.

The day after (Friday) I was cream crackered. I don't think I did anything. Who would have thought taking a few pics could tire you out so much? But with all the clothes changes, lights and lack of food, I was a wreck after.

This weekend I pretty much rested too, apart from going to the Cinema with my son and his best friend. We went to see that 'Disaster movie'. It was so funny, stupid funny, but funny nevertheless. Definitely worth a watch.

Sunday should have been a day of rest but, having a boy child has it's drawbacks. They generally like to play football. So I was up at the crack of dawn making pancakes for him, then off to the soggy, poo infested park to watch the footie. And his team didn't even win! Pfffft.

So now the weekend is over, it's back to work again. I had a rehearsal yesterday with Mr Mensah and I've spent all today on my laptop catching up on emails etc. and listening to some Jazz (Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong).

I'm really bad at this whole blog thing, so I apologise. I was intending on writing something every day but a chance would be a fine thing. I will do my best though.

Anyway, for the next few days I will be doing more rehearsals and bits and bobs, so you'll probably hear from me over the weekend.

Have a good one my lovelies.

Nuff Love

Nads xxx

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Oh Happy Day :)

Howdy Doody!!

I'm feeling good today. Generally, I'm a happy chappy, but today I'm feeling grrreat :) I'm surrounded with a lot of positivity which helps to motivate me. I'm fortunate to have a network of friends, family and fans who are very supportive of what I do and encourage me to strive for more. Thank you xx

Obviously, there are always one or two people who would like to burst your bubble, but luckily for me, the number of people on my side massively out-number the insignificant few who are bad minded.

I've had a few instances recently with a certain person trying to aggitate me by specifically targeting ALL of my friends on my fan pages and asking them to be her friend.

Now it's a free country and I wouldn't try to put a stop to it, but it just made me feel sorry for her. We are in different industries, therefore to concentrate on my people is a waste of her time because they are 'music lovers'.

Anyway it's pointless and maybe one day she'll get bored, maybe she won't. But all I know is I'm doing what I'm doing and she's wasting her time on me ! I should be flattered really.
By the way, I like to say 'hi' to her because I know she's reading this :) xxx I'm sending some love your way sweetie. Mwaaah xx

Anyway...back to MY day.

It was back to school for my little one. Yay!!!!!!Whoop Whoop

I love him to bits and I could bite his little chubby cheeks, but boy, I'm glad he's back at school. I make no apologies if I sound selfish, but I have ME time again! Yup :)

As soon as I dropped him off looking all dapper in his brand spanking new uniform, I went to Kingston for bit of shopping.

It was nice and quiet because I got there just as the shops were opening and the rain seemed to have put off a lot of other punters, but I was a trooper! I picked up a few bits and bobs in H&M and Topshop, but you know no shopping trip is complete without a peek in Primucci (Primark to those who aren't clued up).

Everyone, who's anyone has at least one Primark item, and most of us have at least five. Those who deny it are 'liars' I tell you!

Well, I officially love Primark and I'm not ashamed to say it either. Come on guys. Come out of that closet. You know you love it too... Dontcha??

Alrighty, I'm off now. Going to paint my nails (which have recently grown really long???) and then watch all the crap I've recorded on my sky planner. I think I'll start by catching up on Hollyoaks...Yeah I know, you probably think I'm sad...Oh well, I'll live.

Adios Amigos

Nads xx