Thursday, 18 September 2008

Things that go bump in the night !!

Ok last night I'm chillin on my sofa having eaten four, yes four Mr. Kipling french fancies. They are so yummy you can't just eat one or two. And I know it's not very healthy, but I washed it down with a glass of cherry coke (my favourite) :)
I was watching some documentary I recorded the other night on some baby with two faces in India, then I heard a loud bang coming from my boy's room. I put down my cakes and rushed to his room to find him lying on the floor on his duvet ...he'd fallen off his bed and continued to sleep! ...Now that's what I call a deep sleep. I shouldn't laugh, but it was funny...Now don't go and call the NSPCC on me, I did check if he was okay, but all he was interested in was going back to bed.
I think I'm going to have to invest in a double bed for him or put cushions around the bed or something... Hmmmm


Simey baaby said...

lol dats a funny story the same thing happen to me onetime i lterally fell off da bed and hit da floor woke the nex morn to find my head near my trainers and a throbbin pain in my head lol dat single bed had to get dash. Even tho u shud of been reported to the nspcc for luaghing ur forgiving i probably wud of done the same still.


It was funny. Obviously I was concerned when I heard the thud on the floor. But seeing him still sleeping was hilarious. How do you not wake up???
I don't understand that. All anyone has to do is sniff and i wake up. I wish i could sleep that heavy. cha!

Simey baaby said...

ive always been a heavy sleeper trust mee if it thunderd in my house i wudnt wake. ya'll light sleepers must not enjoy ur sleep my x girl was da same man cudnt even leave the bed and go toilet wit out her waking. i think its a female thing still.