Sunday, 14 September 2008

It's a small world after all :)

Just a quickie ;)

I'm sure you're all familiar with the saying 'It's a small world'...but it really is.

Recently, because of the use of the internet, it has become even more apparent. I've realised how connected we all are.

When I first joined Myspace a couple of years ago, one of my first 'friends' was a young artist called 'Incisive' (you should check him out on myspace, he also has a blog page too)...Anyway we've kept in contact through myspace/ Facebook. However, due to circumstances, we've never actually met in person.
So it was weird when I walked into a venue last night to see my friend Kadija Kamara sing, and Incisive was the first person standing the flesh. It was kind of surreal to be standing face-to-face with someone who you feel you know, but have never actually met!

Anyway. We're all part of the same network of friends, which is getting larger by the day and it's nice to see everyone supporting each other.

Kadija rocked the mic (with the help of her band and beautiful backing vocalists Asabi and Obenewa Well done to you all.

Anyway...Like I said, just dropping a quick one today.. I'm going back to bed! What???? It's of rest :)


Nads xx


Incisive said...
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Incisive said...

Quite weird but moreso very nice seeing u for the first time too luv!!!



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Simey baaby said...

small world indeed infact its so small ive probably ran into u already u cud my cousins freind dat i dont know. One time i mustof been in the supermarket and smeone shouted out Simon g i was confused like who r u lol then the lady said im frm myspace i got u in freindz list ur musik iz tight so i said ahh thanx.

Another incedent i was chatting to this girl on myspace in the internet cafe jus about to reply back to her message she sent me the other day. there was a girl right nex to me i lookd to right and thought hold up dis girl looks familiar blud lookd at her profile then lookd at her again. I then turnd around and she lookd at me i said hi u ok, she said yh im kool then we started tlking. I asked were u frm? wats name? she told mee and swear down i was talking to the same girl it was wierd. I didnt say nutten tho didnt wanna scare her still lol