Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Lights, Camera, Action !

Hey Yall,

I can't believe a whole week has passed since I wrote something on here. I hope you are all well and not getting depressed by this crappy weather we're having.

As I was telling you last week, I was looking for a photographer and was spoilt for choice. In the end, I decided to visit Ikenna Mokwe of http://www.ikemedia.co.uk/. A friend of mine, Femi Oguns (playwright of 'Torn' and founder of 'Identity Drama school') highly recommended him and said if I wasn't impressed, he would eat his hat...or something to that effect. So it was a win win situation. I'd either have brilliant pics or watch Femi eat his words! Sounded like a plan :)

Another friend of mine is a make-up artist (boy it's good to have friends) and volunteered....hmmm, I don't know how accurate this is now. Ok..I don't know if she volunteered, but hey, it sounds better, so lets go with that.

Alright, so my friend/make-up artist (Byuti Kasei) did my make-up (and I'm sure you'll all agree that she did a great job) before we went to the studio so that we'd be ready for action.

When we got there we were greeted by Ike and discussed what I wanted to get out of the session, which was just my personality really! So he got me things that I liked or represented me and we had fun with it. I must admit, I had preconceptions that it was going to be boring. But before we knew it the session was over and we had hundreds of pics! Including the little miss bossy one above (dunno how that could possibly represent moi) LOL.

The day after (Friday) I was cream crackered. I don't think I did anything. Who would have thought taking a few pics could tire you out so much? But with all the clothes changes, lights and lack of food, I was a wreck after.

This weekend I pretty much rested too, apart from going to the Cinema with my son and his best friend. We went to see that 'Disaster movie'. It was so funny, stupid funny, but funny nevertheless. Definitely worth a watch.

Sunday should have been a day of rest but, having a boy child has it's drawbacks. They generally like to play football. So I was up at the crack of dawn making pancakes for him, then off to the soggy, poo infested park to watch the footie. And his team didn't even win! Pfffft.

So now the weekend is over, it's back to work again. I had a rehearsal yesterday with Mr Mensah and I've spent all today on my laptop catching up on emails etc. and listening to some Jazz (Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong).

I'm really bad at this whole blog thing, so I apologise. I was intending on writing something every day but a chance would be a fine thing. I will do my best though.

Anyway, for the next few days I will be doing more rehearsals and bits and bobs, so you'll probably hear from me over the weekend.

Have a good one my lovelies.

Nuff Love

Nads xxx


Hayley said...

U sound like a great mum babe!! Ur son is lucky.
Im gona check out that Disaster movie...
and imma avoid the local parks...
Have a blessed weekend.


Thanx hun...Someone needs to tell my son that. Apparently I'm not cool and I shouldn't sing in public. Can you believe it? Kids eh!

Have a good one and check that film out if you want a good laugh.

Let me know what you think

N xx