Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Oh Happy Day :)

Howdy Doody!!

I'm feeling good today. Generally, I'm a happy chappy, but today I'm feeling grrreat :) I'm surrounded with a lot of positivity which helps to motivate me. I'm fortunate to have a network of friends, family and fans who are very supportive of what I do and encourage me to strive for more. Thank you xx

Obviously, there are always one or two people who would like to burst your bubble, but luckily for me, the number of people on my side massively out-number the insignificant few who are bad minded.

I've had a few instances recently with a certain person trying to aggitate me by specifically targeting ALL of my friends on my fan pages and asking them to be her friend.

Now it's a free country and I wouldn't try to put a stop to it, but it just made me feel sorry for her. We are in different industries, therefore to concentrate on my people is a waste of her time because they are 'music lovers'.

Anyway it's pointless and maybe one day she'll get bored, maybe she won't. But all I know is I'm doing what I'm doing and she's wasting her time on me ! I should be flattered really.
By the way, I like to say 'hi' to her because I know she's reading this :) xxx I'm sending some love your way sweetie. Mwaaah xx

Anyway...back to MY day.

It was back to school for my little one. Yay!!!!!!Whoop Whoop

I love him to bits and I could bite his little chubby cheeks, but boy, I'm glad he's back at school. I make no apologies if I sound selfish, but I have ME time again! Yup :)

As soon as I dropped him off looking all dapper in his brand spanking new uniform, I went to Kingston for bit of shopping.

It was nice and quiet because I got there just as the shops were opening and the rain seemed to have put off a lot of other punters, but I was a trooper! I picked up a few bits and bobs in H&M and Topshop, but you know no shopping trip is complete without a peek in Primucci (Primark to those who aren't clued up).

Everyone, who's anyone has at least one Primark item, and most of us have at least five. Those who deny it are 'liars' I tell you!

Well, I officially love Primark and I'm not ashamed to say it either. Come on guys. Come out of that closet. You know you love it too... Dontcha??

Alrighty, I'm off now. Going to paint my nails (which have recently grown really long???) and then watch all the crap I've recorded on my sky planner. I think I'll start by catching up on Hollyoaks...Yeah I know, you probably think I'm sad...Oh well, I'll live.

Adios Amigos

Nads xx

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Simey baaby said...

r u nutts primark iz dooope i can get some boxers jumpers mayb some jeans n it wud look like no money has left my stack. i cant buy all my stuff frm there especailly wen i c people rocking the same ting i got. i like to think and keep my stlye unique so i have draw 4 the designers once and while cause there clothes r limeted addition in otherwords ders no man in a ten mile radius or further da same piece of clothing. PRIMUCCI dats funny who made dat name?? try jazz it up boii nex peeps will be going round saying h and marni or river stone island lol