Thursday, 25 December 2008


Me and my pooch

Nadia and Marley

Marley the rude dog with her hood up in the house...

Hey guys,

Good morning...I just thought I'd quickly say Merry Christmas to you as I know I will be rushed of my feet for the next few days. All my family and some friends are coming over to my house for Christmas this year so I was up at the crack of dawn tidying and cooking. Luckily my bro-in-law is a great cook and is on his way to help me :)
I hope u all have a fantastical day and that Santa has bought you all you deserve. I must have been a really good girl this year because I got a really nice pressie :)
Anyway my sweeties, my peeps will be arriving soon and I am still in my pj's so I gotta go.

Trailer load a love


Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Just a quickie!

Thought I would give a quick holla before I totally fall off the radar. I am still about peps. Just taking it easy because of that cold thing i had last week. I am shaking it off, but it is still lingering on draining me somewhat. I have been feeling particularly tired lately...
Anyway, I have been resting up most days. Last Wednesday I went along to my friend Kadija Kamara's photoshoot at Barrio North in Islington. I was just meant to do a bit of filming, but when I turned up (fashionably late as usual) I was told the make up artist never showed up. So it was Nadine to the rescue!
Although I was feeling particularly groggy that day, I had a great time with designer and stylist Simmone Williams and bad boy photographer Alex Winn (
That absolutely drained me and I spent the next 2 days recovering, then let my hair down on saturday night. I was taken to a nice club/bar in haymarket where I probably had too much to drink, but hey, I wasn't driving. I conked out as soon as we got in to the cab and didn't wake up till we reached home!
I have been doing research for some projects I am going to be involved in next year and making plans so that things can run as smoothly as possible...well you have to at least try!
Now I am going to the dentist, which is why I thought I'd leave you a msg cos the last time I went, I came out traumatised!
Anyhoo, I have to go now or I will be late for the dentist ....which wouldn't be a bad thing really....

Bye for now :(
Nads xxx

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Poor me :(

I am as blind as a bat!

Boredom makes you do weird stuff!

Hey... I have been indoors for the past few days because I have been unwell. Thank God, I am feeling a bit better now and although I am still resting, I can now eat and my head no longer feels like someone is stamping on it. The past couple of weeks have been a bit hectic and I guess it took a toll on my body. I hate to admit that my mum is right (and I hope she's not reading this), but she actually was. I really need to look after myself better and take all those vitamins and herbs and stuff she's always forcing on me...echinacea, bark of this. extract of all seems like a hassle, but when you get sick it's a whole other story! So...after the busy weekend I had last weekend, I decided to take it easy last week. I had a brief studio recording session on Monday and chilled on tuesday and wednesday. I finally got my baby beamer back on Thursday and returned the rental car kindly lent to me by Performance Rentals of Marble Arch, London. I have my little banger back now, but I think we have lost our spark... I dunno. Maybe I will have to get a new car...I will miss her so...I got her on my birthday a few years ago and have become quite attached, but I think we may have come to the end of our beautiful relationship...Sorry Suzy :(

Friday was a big day for my doggie Marley. She had her first ever hair cut! She is a lovely dog. But she looked a bit scruffy. A bit like a homeless dog. So I thought it was time for a makeover! I took her to a local dog groomer for a wash, cut and dry and she came back all gorgeous. I might start taking her out more now ! lol

Have a blessed week my dears. I am feeling a lot better and will be out and about soon.

C ya
Nads xx

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Hey yall, Apologies for taking so long posting a new blog. I have been receiving messages and getting told off when I am out and about for not having written on here. But trust me I have been so busy and really tired as a result. So anyway I am gonna let you know what I've been up to so you realise I haven't just been at home twiddling my thumbs!

Firstly, I hope you are all good and not feeling too cold cos everytime I have to go outside I need to brace myself! It is cutting out there!

Okay...Friday gone was the UK Launch party of 2000Black's album 'A Next Set A Rockers' hosted by Uprock Recordings. So Kaidi and Dego (producers/DJ's/multi-instrumentalists) asked me to do a PA @ Home Bar in Shoreditch...

I was already tired when I arrived at 10:30, but even more so after I devoured a nice big rib-eye steak in the restaurant above the club! Nice. It was a really enjoyable evening. The crowd jammed the whole evening as Kaidi and Dego spun tune after tune and although I was there to perform, it was nice hanging out with friends and those who support me. I left there on a high because everyone was there for the music, there was no attitude, no pretence, just positive vibes. So all was good in the hood...until I had to wake up @ 8am after having just 4 hours sleep to get up for.... yep you guessed it, FOOTBALL. I was not feeling getting up so early on a cold, soggy saturday, but as a mum, sometimes you don't have much choice. I used the opportunity to do a bit of shopping in Ealing. They have a massive Primark where I picked up a couple of cardi's and got a new stash of Burberry perfume in Superdrugs cos I love to drench myself in that stuff! I wanted to get my son some trainers in Footlocker so I can get him out those dreaded heelys, but the trainers I liked were not in stock :(

I ran around like a headless chook all day till it was time to drop J off to my mum's, so I could finish off cooking for my friend (and Make Up Artist) Rumel's tribal themed birthday party.
I dunno what tribe I was supposed to be from, but I just put on a leopard print dress and called it a day! So armed with some Jerk was party number two of the weekend.

Me trying to look like Pocohontas...and failing!

Rumel as a Masai tribal person!

Nadia....just being Nadia lol

So two nights running I hit the sack at 3am. Not a good look when you still have to get up to be at the football pitch early in the morning. So at stupid o'clock I got up and collected my son to take him to his football Match in Sheen. Call me a bad mum all you like, I don't care, I just dropped him off and headed back to the car to paint my nails as I had a photoshoot that afternoon (well actually it was in the morning but I knew I wasn't gonna get there in the morning). So meanwhile he ran around in the rain I sorted my fingers out. I would've preferred getting them done at the salon, but, when time is against you, you gotta compromise.
Like clockwork, as soon as I put on the last topcoat, the boys descended towards the carpark. Time to go! yay :)

I had to quickly drop him off to my mums and go home and get a few bits and pieces I wanted to take with me to the shoot in Ladbroke Grove. I always like to take a few accesories, shoes and my own make up, just in case...and it came in handy! I was supposed to be at the photoshoot at 11am, which I negotiated to 2pm and I actually arrived at 3pm...tut tut. But I made it and I was ready to go!
It was my first time posing with other people, but when you see the pics I'm sure you will agree that it worked...They will be coming soon. But here is a pic of me at the shoot waiting around...

It was kinda rushed, but we got loads of shots in and were out of the studio by 6pm. In time to grab some food with my Personal Assistant and busom buddy Nadia, at one of my favoutite places to eat, on Portobello Road, The Market Thai. It's a really modest Thai Restaurant above a pub, but the food is to die for and the service is quick and friendly. We ate like we hadn't eaten all day...which we hadn't....hmmmm

Anyway, we ate in like 20 minutes flat and jumped in our matching cars (we're such nutters) provided for us by Performance Rentals and went on to our next mission...Going to the Sunday Show to see my friend Natalie Fiawoo perform her poetry.
Overall, it was quite an entertaining night, apart from the fact Nat didn't actually get to perform, but I am sure you will be seeing her at the Sunday Show and elsewhere very soon!

So guys, that was my weekend. So now when I see you guys out and about and you ask me why I haven't updated my blog page, you actually know I am busy, not just saying it cos I can't be bothered. I have had really good feedback from you guys and appreciate the fact so many of you can relate to the things that happen in my life and I will keep you all informed and as involved as I can. Keep reading guys and don't be scared to leave your comments.
I appreciate your private messages, but so many of you have got such good points, I want everyone to hear your views.

Until the next time my love bunnies...

Nads xx