Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Just a quickie!

Thought I would give a quick holla before I totally fall off the radar. I am still about peps. Just taking it easy because of that cold thing i had last week. I am shaking it off, but it is still lingering on draining me somewhat. I have been feeling particularly tired lately...
Anyway, I have been resting up most days. Last Wednesday I went along to my friend Kadija Kamara's photoshoot at Barrio North in Islington. I was just meant to do a bit of filming, but when I turned up (fashionably late as usual) I was told the make up artist never showed up. So it was Nadine to the rescue!
Although I was feeling particularly groggy that day, I had a great time with designer and stylist Simmone Williams and bad boy photographer Alex Winn ( www.alexwinn.com).
That absolutely drained me and I spent the next 2 days recovering, then let my hair down on saturday night. I was taken to a nice club/bar in haymarket where I probably had too much to drink, but hey, I wasn't driving. I conked out as soon as we got in to the cab and didn't wake up till we reached home!
I have been doing research for some projects I am going to be involved in next year and making plans so that things can run as smoothly as possible...well you have to at least try!
Now I am going to the dentist, which is why I thought I'd leave you a msg cos the last time I went, I came out traumatised!
Anyhoo, I have to go now or I will be late for the dentist ....which wouldn't be a bad thing really....

Bye for now :(
Nads xxx

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Danielle Miller said...

Cool blog Nadz, lovin the pic on this post xx

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