Thursday, 25 December 2008


Me and my pooch

Nadia and Marley

Marley the rude dog with her hood up in the house...

Hey guys,

Good morning...I just thought I'd quickly say Merry Christmas to you as I know I will be rushed of my feet for the next few days. All my family and some friends are coming over to my house for Christmas this year so I was up at the crack of dawn tidying and cooking. Luckily my bro-in-law is a great cook and is on his way to help me :)
I hope u all have a fantastical day and that Santa has bought you all you deserve. I must have been a really good girl this year because I got a really nice pressie :)
Anyway my sweeties, my peeps will be arriving soon and I am still in my pj's so I gotta go.

Trailer load a love


1 comment:

Simey baaby said...

baaa humbug dey shud take da christ out of dat word since history proves its got nothing too do wit dat person i have concrete evidence of dat too...

peoples were caling mee wit merry dis merry dat and i was jus yh look yh happy day i iant fooling 4 dat shhhh been foold 4 too long.

nehow b4 i start ranting i hope u enjoyed urself drem girl i sure did and got da belly to prove it 2lol ur dog looks kitted out i dnt think the abused pets foundation wud approve but wat heck dey iant comming on here lol
iant been up in here in yonks u still my favourite lady tho xxx