Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Been so long...

Been meaning to post something up here for a while but been busy with rehearsals etc...life in general!

I know I know...I'm like that bad girlfriend/boyfriend who says "baby I'm gonna change" and does so for a week and then reverts back to their former bad ways. But you love me too much to dump me...right? Mwaaaah
Love you too xx

Wanna say a big big thank you to everyone who came down to my gig at Mau Mau Bar last Thursday. I must say I was surprised at how many of you turned up to see lil ole me :) THANK YOU

Here are a few pictures that Jerry Barnett took.

To see more of his work go to http://bit.ly/agw8cj

A couple days ago I uploaded a video I did for that free download I gave you a few weeks ago "Kisses In The Morning"

Have a look and if you like it please comment, subscribe to my youtube channel and share it with a friend. Sharing is caring !

Must dash again but holla at me on twitter. WWW.TWITTER.COM/NADIVA99

Take care
God Bless
Nads xx

1 comment:

Lee Oliveira said...

What a great voice you have..
Amazing style.. you probably stood out of the crownd!