Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Music is the Remedy

In the past week or so I've been overdosing on music...if that's actually possible. I came to the conclusion a long time ago that music is the remedy for me. If I'm sad I play music, if I'm happy I play music, if I wanna create a mood *wink wink* I play music. Music plays a big part in my life. I've written some of my best songs when I've been going through some major ish and needed to vent. I LOVE MUSIC !!

SO...continuing from my last post, I've been going out to more gigs! Supporting some fantastic musical friends of mine.
I went down to Vibe bar in Brick lane to see my friend, musician and producer Colin Emmanuel otherwise known as the Black Einstein.
He actually produced a track on my EP www.nadinecharles.bandcamp.com
Have a listen. It's called "Not My Man".

Anyhoo. He played a brilliant set and had Mystro, Baby Sol and Sharlene Hector on vocals. I was enjoying it so much that I nearly forgot to film. But I did get a little bit for you.
Have a lookie

Black Einstein from Nadine Charles on Vimeo.

The next night my sis sang at an event called Soul-d-out held at Cottons in Angel. The food was great and my sis was even better!

Last Thursday, I met up with some of my friends for dinner on Portobello Road before having the pleasure of seeing my longtime friend J-soul from Gospel group Blessed Voices perform @ Inn on the Green. He's now doing his solo thing and I'm sure you'll agree that he's got a beautiful voice.

J-Soul from Nadine Charles on Vimeo.

We had a fun night as usual. Too many jokes, great food, company and music. Perfecto!

Friday I had my first rehearsal with my new band "Soundforce". It was fun. We have a LOT of work to do, but we had a nice lil jam and just got familiar. Played my songs a bit and I introduced them to the sounds of Don Blackman. They loved him!!

Here's a lil clip of our rehearsal. Remember it's our FIRST so don't watch any bum notes on the band's part...on the other hand, I have no excuse, but hey! Apologies for the shaky filming. My son was the cameraman on the day. He's got a bit to learn!

Untitled from Nadine Charles on Vimeo.

Today I had a rehearsal with a guitarist and a studio session with my good friend Pesci and Nutty P. I was rushing around so much I forgot to film anything or take pics. Sorry!

Until Next time...Stay Blessed
Nads xx


Michelle Candice said...

Loving the bangs. Glad to see you out and about again :)

Kadija Kamara said...

Love it Nadine!! Keep up the great work .. looking forward to the shows.

Kadija x


The music videos were entertaining. You have a great artist blog. Keep the posts coming!

Your friends @urbanmagazine