Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Nah I'm not going back to Africa, China, Japan, Scotland or wherever I'm from...I've gone au natural. I decided about 8 months ago not to chemically process my hair anymore because my hair was crying from all the madness I was doing to it. And in a bid not to use my hair straighteners to get my naturally curly hair straight,I decided to give it a break and braid it for a few weeks. It was a bit of a shock to the system but...I'm getting used to it!
Just thought I'd explain the change of appearance...

Anyway...onto more interesting things.
I've been busy, out and about and even remembered to take some pictures and footage. I think I deserve a massive pat on the back. Yay me :)

So...we've had lovely weather lately which has made me much more sociable.
I've been a bit of a social butterfly! lol

My friend Yomi, otherwise known as poet, G.R.E.E.D.S, invited me to the Grace Obika Album launch as he was her opening act. So I rounded up a few of my friends and headed down to Bar Music Hall in Shoreditch.
As usual he smashed it. I love it when an artist engages a crowd, and Greeds does it EVERY time. When he talks, people listen. A great skill.
I took some footage on the night so you could see the talent, but it's one of those " you have to be there to get it"...Hopefully my camera captured the spirit of things but I'm afraid the sound man was deaf and the lighting person was blind, so the levels are not too great!
Have a butchers below!

Untitled from Nadine Charles on Vimeo.

The pics I took on the night were waaaay below average! I only had one drink so I wasn't even drunk so I don't know what my excuse was! I think I was just having too much fun! lol

I captured mine and DJ Christoss' shiney foreheads! lol...I'll keep practising my photography skills...

This one is slightly better...slightly

That day I went for a casting for a modelling job, where they tested different looks on me to see if I was suitable. So luckily I didn't have to do my make up and I also got the job. I did the shoot the following week, which consisted of a couple looks, one being a bride, so I daydreamt as I posed in a stunning wedding dress!...one day...*sighs*

Anyway...pics will come soon

Another friend of mine, rapper, Incisive invited me to his show in Shoreditch last Monday. I've watched his blogs, performances, even worked with him, but this was my first time seeing him live.
The venue was a little bit strange and there were some strange acts there...some were actually strange in a good way.
Incisive was on last, which was a good move on the part of the organisers because they really did save the best for last.
Again, I was a bit p'd off with the sound and lighting person. Different venue, same bloody problem. Luckily Incisive and his fab band are professional and they gave a great performance.
I will definitely go and support him again not just because he is a friend and a fellow West Londoner; his tracks and production are really good too. He's not just a run off the mill rapper, he's got that X factor. Follow him on twitter for more info and watch the clip below. Look out for a special appearance from bad bwoy singer Shakka too!

Incisive and Shakka from Nadine Charles on Vimeo.


I've had a couple birthday celebrations too. It was my cousin's 21st *WINK WINK* so I went to go and show my face at the club. I'm not really a clubber but it was a special occasion so I made the effort. But greedy lil me was taken to dinner before hand so I had that itis going on...I was in bed by 1am! I'm a lightweight these days.

Me and bday boy Herman

Me and cousin Cleon

The next day it was birthday celebrations number two! For my sister obenewa. She booked a room @ one of our favourite restaurants, Busaba and made us all dress up supposedly "geek chic" ...but we mainly just looked geeky!

Birthday girlie Obenewa

So, I'm going off to my bed now. I hope you're proud of me for sticking to my word.
I've got a few events/gigs I'll be going to this week and I'll get some pics for ya.
Sweet dreams my darlings
Nads xx

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Incisive said...

Like how you put my name on the screen everytime I say it lol

luv it luv!