Monday, 8 June 2009

I made it...

Okay I only made it from my bedroom to the front room, but at least I'm not bed bound anymore.
I am still feeling really weak and have lost my voice, which is kinda dire considering I am a "singer", but I don't feel like I have been kicked in the side of the head anymore or like I have sand paper in my throat.
But luckily I had family and friends who very bravely volunteered to do things for me and come and sit with me meanwhile I coughed my guts up!
My mum made me some very tasty and peppery chicken soup and another friend came all the way from North London to West, just to drop me some medicine and dvds so that I was fully drugged and occupied.

So now I am out of bed and I can finally think of packing for my Miami trip which is in a few days...hopefully I will be able to blog meanwhile I am out there. If not, keep up-to-date with me on twitter.

I'm sorry that in my last couple of posts have been such a moaner, but I have been very sick and I promise that in the next ones I will be much more happy :)

Speak soon
Nay Nay

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