Saturday, 23 August 2008

Bank Holiday Weekend (Carnival)

Just a quick one :)

The question that keeps coming up today is :

"Are you going carnival?"

It really should be in my blood to love Carnival, being Jamaican/Grenadian. But I will NOT be attending. I hate to sound like a party pooper or Granny, but I don't like the crowds.

Also, there's the added bonus of a grope or a stab wound or worse!
I just think it's changed in the last few years and is not as enjoyable as it was when I was a young girl, lol.

BUT, it's different strokes for different folk, so... for all of you who are going...enjoy yourself. Have a drink, eat too much, dance till you drop and lastly, be safe.

Nads xx


KayK Blaq said...

Well im a Carnival outie myself. Not because im scared of the implications of rising knife crime, but more because im not afraid.

Ive been Carnival many times as a younger and never had any trouble. The difference is, I coulnt see myself now watching somebody being ganged up on for no reason, or pass by as certain liberties are taking place.

So with all im doing right now, and me knowing im the driving force behind it, it just doesnt make sense to put myself in such a compromising situation. Its like they say...... its the crowds that make men of cowards, just like fatigue makes cowards of men!!

Nadine Charles said...

Unfortunately, it's often the good samaritan that gets harmed.
It's a mad one, because on one hand you would hope that someone would jump to your defence, but these days it's not that simple.

Thankfully, I have heard quite a balanced report back on carnival this year, and I'm glad that some of my friends that went had a good time.
But I still live in fear for the youths of tomorrow because of the way morals and standards are disintergrating.
My son is in that generation and I really dread the day when he wants to go out on his own...

Shax said...

My brother has the same outlook on carnival.

With me, I know the group of people I'm enjoying myself with (.... the people I did enjoy myself with - Carnival has gone now Shax.....), and they're all on the float I stay with. And i do this rather than moving amongst different floats, and Sound Systems.

Although I do get what you guys are sayin. It's like some people forgot how Carnival started.

(I'm just glad my mum owns a food stall - you can pretty much EAT your worries and fears away - BOI, her roti is NIESH!!!)

Nadine Charles said...

I hear you. It's the truth. People have forgotten what carnival is about. They've lost the spirit of it and focus on the wrong things. Yeah, you should look nice, but don't wear your brand new kicks and expect for them to come home looking new still. People wanna profile, then get vexed, when they're in a crowd of thousands of people jumping up and someone accidently steps on their foot. If you don't like it, don't go.

I think the best way to enjoy carnival is to folow a float. You're out of the crowd and you have more space to dance.

Talkin of the food...I would seriously consider going just for that...and Shax you're killing me with all that roti talk. I love roti ...