Saturday, 11 April 2009

Good Friday ???

What's today called? I should know, being a good Catholic girl...Yesterday was Good Friday, tomorrow's Easter Sunday...It must be Easter Saturday or Something.
Well yesterday I went out...I don't normally go out on a Friday, but my friend Courtney started a club night at Kensington Bar and kitchen in...erm...Kensington.
It was a really nice venue, and although it was the launch night and it's kinda give or take whether people will turn up, quite a few people did.
It had a great atmosphere and I am looking forward to going back and bringing more friends down. I will let you know when, maybe you could join me.
The rain tried to spoil the night but we were all in high spirits so we had fun.
Because I don't get out that much I thought I would make the most of it and go to another club too, so I left Kensington bar after a couple of hours and went to meet my friends at Carbon.

We had fun as usual, the night went really well until right at the end when some pathetic woman...not mentioning any names (it's not my duty or style to name and shame), decided to act up. I don't wanna waste too much time on this issue, but it's ridiculous when grown folk don't know how to deal with situations in an adult way, then wonder why they get switched on. If you're not getting attention or respect for who you are, go away and work on it, don't take your insecurities out on others. Basically, just grow up.
Anyhoo, I am having a chillout Saturday until this evening, when I'll probably go out for dinner. I don't think I will put on my dancing shoes tonight....but ya never know, my son is with his dad so...
Will let you know if I do...or I may even see you out and about.
Have a good Easter weekend
Nads xx


Lisa said...

When are you coming to the States?


Soon hun..will be in Miami in June!