Monday, 17 November 2008


Good morning, Wow it's Monday already...time really does fly when you're having fun. Okay so, I told you about Saturday morning, going shopping etc. I was home by 2ish so I just chilled for a few hours and chatted on my fone, responded to my first few Birthday messages etc. Then started slowly getting ready for the evening ahead. I had a lovely bath with some lovely Laline products and came out with the softest skin and smelling as sweet as a rose! The bath is always the longest part of my 'getting ready regime', but once that was out of the way, it was all go. Nails, hair, makeup ...and before I knew it, my friend was ringing my doorbell armed with her camera and a gift...A beautiful Swarovski necklace. Really simple, but elegant. When you get past 16, you don't really expect much, well I don't so I was surprised that I actually got so many pressies... So, the night started off great already. I felt a million bucks in my new dress and was overwhelmed, by my first two generous gifts so I jumped into the car and headed to Carbon in Marble Arch (Central London). We arrived at the venue and it was buzzing already. Quite a few of my girlies were there already and the music was off the hizzle. The D & G Specialists (the promoters) did a great job of hosting and catered to all our needs. They made the night run as smoothly as possible and always kept a smile on their faces. So Geran and Antoinne, I salute you xxxx (check out their facebook group if you want a night out to remember) It was a joint birthday celebration for me and one of my best mate's Nadia! Her birthday was a couple weeks ago, but she was abroad so we thought we'd do a double celebration. So you can imagine...It was WILD!

It was such a nice atmosphere, no pretentiousness, just good vibes and we had the people with us that we love! We all let our hair down and had a good old boogie :) Surprisingly, I survived my 5 inch heels and even wore them the next day to dinner...


My actual birthday was yesterday and my mum recommended we have dinner at the Mandarin Kitchen in Bayswater...she had been there before and vouched for the food. Anyone who knows my mum, knows she is fussy so I took her word for it and i am glad i did. The food was exquisite and the service was excellent. We all came away satisfied and I also had loads to take home!!

By the time I had reached home on Sunday evening, I had received over a hundred messages wishing me happy birthday. I felt bad not replying to them one by one because I actually personally know at least 70 % of the well wishers. But as you can imagine, I am tired so I made them all a little video message and posted it on fb...i hope they all see it and don't think I am a rude cow for not responding, or if you guys are reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your messages, much appreciated! I'm gonna get some shut eye now, because I have a few hours on my hands till I have to pick up Mr. Trouble. Catch ya later Nuff Love Nads xx


Simey baaby said...

yoo N dat food got niggaz licking der lips n shit no wonder u stoppd at 22 seconds of footage...dat sweet and sour chickhen look fresh 2death aswell.. wer was my invite??? tru say ima stranger i wont hole a grudge init lol i like dat dress tho miss chin the matching earings killd it...booom cannnon ahh pop ooff.

aye im taking down dat resturants dey do delivery??

how old u b now miss chin?? n dont come wit no "well uno a lady never discloses her age" lol


Definitely check out the Mandarin Kitchen...It's opposite Queensway tube station. It's a nice down to earth restaurant. I have been to plusher restaurants, but the food can't compare to this place. You will have to call them to see if they deliver hun...0207 727 9012
Everything was nice, but the lobster in garlic and spring onion...orgasmic ;)
Didn't you get the invite???I sent it...always knew Royal Mail was a bit dodgy!

I love the dress too. How could anyone not feel good wearing that dress...and the earings...well! LOL

How old am I? Hmmm and I always thought you were a gentleman! tut tut Simey baaby!

Simey baaby said...

orgasmic una u jus took chinese to a whole nother level lol i think i might pass on dat resturant still... id rather leave the orgasms 4 da bedroom naa mean lol

thanks 4 da digits tho n i was joking bout da delivery i live in bricky bbz they iant comming down here NO WAY lol.

u said:
love the dress too. How could anyone not feel good wearing that dress...

my reply iz: urrrr me lol... da thought alone iz uncumfortable nether da less love da dresS.

to da royal remark dats real funny N LOL u had mee going 4 a hot sec.

n who told u i was a gentlemen ima BASTARD how old r u?? c