Monday, 17 November 2008

:) Happy birthday to me!!!!!!


This is just a quick one as I should have been sleeping ages ago. But I keep getting birthday messages and phonecalls etc, so I am still up!
My birthday has not been a happy time for me for the past few years as someone very close to me passed away around this time. So usually, I am very reflective and a bit down. But this year I think I have broken through a barrier. I still missed that person, who played such a big part in my life, but I was able to appreciate the fact that although he is no longer with me, I have my life and it is a great one.
So I just wanted to share that with you...time is definitely a healer and I know he is watching me...but I hope he missed the part when I was tipsy last night though ;)
Anyway, it has been an eventful and wonderful weekend. I will fill you all in tomorrow.

Nite nite

Nads xx

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Simey baaby said...

dont worry urself love da nex few years r gonna make up 4 da last...ive lost niggaz auntys uncles, sista seems like da shit dont stop but wen u look at death frm a different stanpoint, dat they passed on to greatness with spirit n soul still intact ur state of mind will b cool.

Death to mee iz a new begining not the end jus like da butterfly wen theyve hatchd the cacoon and ready to fly dats y u best believe wen its my time im ready to die....

fill us in on dem details yh...