Sunday, 2 November 2008

I've got a lot to smile about :)

Hey my little chicas and chicos!
I hope you are all well, healthy and happy.
Lately I have been a bit pre-occupied with all the different crazy things that have been going on in my crazy little world!
I know I have a little moan to you guys now and again, but you all are such great listeners! LOL.
There's still a million things going on, but I feel a bit more in control of maybe a hundred of them, so that's something.
Although I am still in desperate need of a getaway, just so I don't go into virtual breakdown stage again, I feel like there is a light at the end of the very long, bumpy tunnel, and feel I can hang in there for a bit longer.
I have had some very generous offers and will almost definitely escape before the end of this year...but don't worry I will be back.

I had an early start in Chessington @ that wasn't a misprint..9 bloody 30 in the morning on a Sunday. Thank God X Factor was so boring last night that it put me to sleep otherwise I would be cranky right now! But no, X Factor put bored me to tears, and you know after a good cry you feel tired, so I slept like a baby! So I was able to get up in time to take the little munchkin to football.
Question to all the parents that are reading it all kids or just mine, that has verbal diarrhoea from the moment his eyes opens to the time they close at night... and this child (of mine) also talks in his sleep!
I'm driving to this random football field in the middle of nowhere and Master Charles wants to talk the whole way there, which is distracting when you don't know where you're going. I could have strangled him! Stay away from those phones...I was only kidding. LOL

Anyway, as usual, they lost! pffft. What a waste of time? But at least he will go to bed early because he is totally cream crackered.

I am still catching up with the washing from last week, plus i have to fold it all etc...'sometimes it's hard to be a woman' love to just one man is a piece of cake, but all this housework stuff is not the lick! HELP

I really need to get a cleaner again. But I find it hard to leave someone going through my personal stuff, but I simply don't have the time, energy or desire to do all the tidying up myself!

Anyway, gotta go pack my bag, I'm off to Manchester tomorrow. Not looking forward to it because it's so much colder up there than in London. Gonna have to get me thermals out...ooh sexy! LOL

Night night

Nads xxx

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