Saturday, 1 November 2008

Sleep is under-rated!

So...I've had a couple days of pure laziness and it's done the world of good. I have a lot more patience and tolerance than I've had in ages. Prime example this morning. On my way to Tesco which is a 2 minute walk from my house I saw this elderly woman struggling with her trolley. So being the good samaritan offered to help and she reluctantly said yes. I don't understand why. So with all my strength I forced the trolley out of the designated area of the car park and onto the housing estate. Then the woman simply took hold of the trolley, without a second look at me, grunted and crossed the road. Pffft. Can you believe it? I have been brought up to respect my elders, even if they are grumpy, but this incident made me understand the youths a bit more because it's really hard to have respect for those who disregard you.
Oh well. I won't let this incident put me off. I will still help another elderly person. I used to work in Care home for a few years and realise that most appreciate any little gesture. So please people, especially the youngsters, don't be put off by the ignorant few!

Back to my point, if I hadn't been so well rested I would have probably given the cheeky lady a piece of my mind. But, her ignorance is not my problem, it is hers. I simply laughed and went about my business and got bits for my son's packed lunch as he is going to some BMX thing today.

So now I'm back at home catching up on all the washing etc that has piled up over the past week meanwhile I have been busy...and lazy!

I would just like to once again take this opportunity to apologise to all the people who came to my gig and were not able to stick around for my performance. My slot was changed without my knowledge and I hope this didn't cause too much inconvenience.
I will make sure that in the future that I perform as close to the scheduled show time as possible because you guys are important to me and I wanna keep you happy.
So BIG apologies from me and my team.

Going to get back to the housework now! A woman's work is never done...

Nads xx


Simey baaby said...
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Simey baaby said...

First off i jus wanna say dat dude in da picture wit u opposite the one in the green scarf looks like 50 cents.

i think elderly peeps r straight up shook of da youts the media plays a big part init too by demonisin the youts dem causing a public phobia of large gangs or man wearing certain road attire.

remember some old people dont get out much they watch more tv and news papers than i buy creps.

so wen they see youts acting ina way on the box they come out there homes thinkin that dey actually like that.

i blame the media only to an extent because how a person treats u all boils down to how u carry urself n they percieve u. sumtimes u dont have to ask somone to respect u ur presence jus demands it and its aoutomatic.

i been dragged up 2 repect my elders n if i dont have money i should have manners but if my elders dont respect n disrespect mee den i have no choice but 2 withdraw mines. It works both really some youts dese days iant got no respect for there elders but the elders dont earn or demand it so we get caught ina catch 22 were noone respects no one and its all out war.

mayb she wernt shook mayb shes was lonely or unhappy bitter some people do lose thier social skills wen unhappy but still dont mean u cant say thanx wen somones gon out thier way to help u. i get tickd off if i hold a door and manz tryna baarge tru wit no thanks i then scream at the top of my voice thank you would of been niice lol cause now im demandin it cause they didnt pay me wat i earnd. x


I mean, I could kinda understand her being a bit weary of a person a bit bigger than her wearing a hoody etc. But the first thing I did was ask if I could help. She shouldn't have taken my help if she wasn't prepared to say thank you. Scared or not. I did her no harm and actually helped her. It's just plain rude. The elders are supposed to be teaching the youngers...what I would learn by that is to mind your own business! Thankfully, I have had a lot of good experiences with the elderly, that by a long shot out-number the negative ones so I wasn't put off. But it could have...
Anyway...just thought I'd highlight that the youth of today are in a bad place right now compared to years ago but the older generations need to take some responsibility for it too cos not all kids are bad for no reason!


BTW...dude in the green scarf is from one of UK's best Gospel acts. His name is Isaiah Raymond Dyer...check him out...He doesn't look like 50 cent.
Also check my other friend out, Zalon...he's Amy Winehouse's backing vocalist and will be releasing his own stuff in 2009!

N xx

Simey baaby said...

i feel u plantain... but if the older generation took responsiblity in the first place the black community would not be bleeding like it iz rite now. wers da fathers at y iz it more time a single mother ting. nearly every girl or boy i meet i hear the same story i asked them wers u pops?? they reply r he's a waste man, im like raa dis really iz a epedemic. i get passionate about these type of subjects so im not even gonna go deep today nadine we'll b here all day maate lol.

all i came to say iz noo not dat man in da green scarf the other 1 in da brown jacket i think hes gotta barl head still.

NADINE CHARLES' BLOG said...'re talking about Zalon! I see slightly wot u mean but nah he don't look like fiddy either babe...

Lexington said...

True, some people are just arses, but the minority don't speak for the majority (although the theory of the class clown says different), I'm reading these blogs backwards, but your son seems to have so many interests, it's nice to see; he won't grow up to hurt someone and blame it on 'Having nothing to do'. I observed care work over the summer (from the kitchen where I worked...)

Lexington said...

P.S: I LOVE sleep!!!