Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Hey people,

It is a glorious day, the sun is shining and, you know, even if it wasn't I'd still be happy!
Now I am not saying I don't have off days, I have even told you a couple times that I am feeling a bit sad or p'd off , but generally, I am sure you can agree that I seem pretty happy...Well it wouldn't be a lie.
I realise I am blessed though because of what I have. A family and friends that love me and a great support network that appreciates me.
Sometimes doubts creep in and if you hold on to them they will drag you down. The worse thing a person can do is not appreciate the blessings they have in life and not acknowledge and use their gifts.

Have you noticed that when you are feeling bad, bad things seem to surround you?

" Your thoughts determine your frequency, and your feelings tell you immediately what frequency you are on. When you feel bad, you are on the frequency of drawing more bad things. When you feel good, you are powerfully attracting more good things to you." (The Secret)

I feel this is very true because I have been in certain situations recently where negativity has tried to distract me and get my attention, and I am not saying it is easy to ignore, but in ignoring it, I have had more time to concentrate on the positive and am now reaping the rewards!

I am just human, and like I said, sometimes I have down days but trust me being positive, thinking positive is the way forward.

Like Jill Scott says, "I'm living my life like it's Golden" ! You should too.

Nads xxx


chif said...

ying yang
thank you ma'am

well put miss charles

i too believe in what you put out is what you get back..


It's all been elaborated over the years...but it goes back to the old saying...'you reap what you sow'...

Glad you could relate hun

Nads xx

kenny said...

i really love the pix on your blog,you really look decent and fascinating,i will like to see more that and besides how i wish you and i can be a good friend

kenny said...

cos bad stuff keep moving you backward and if you want to move on in life,you do the positive one cos those are the one that make you a better person in future and in what you are aspiring to do.moreso,the bad stuff does not tend to move you backward completely but just make some change because change is one of the most constant thing in life,so you have to adapt to it

kenny said...

the bad stuff want you to make amend while the positive makes you to think that you perfect which is not like that.only God is the perfectionist


I agree Kenny, the bad stuff will hold you back from progressing. It may not stop you, cos as you can see, there are loads of successful bad people out there, but it will limit you and your happiness which is the most important thing. Who wants to achieve by any means necessary then deal with the aftermath?

Simey baaby said...

beautiful...u didnt tell me u wer a philosifer thought u was jus a singer??

real talk... i heard something bout dat frequency ting but it was used toward musik like ur one tho.

basically sum man was saying dat positive musik resinates on high frequencies and negative on low frequencies, dats y its hard for a positive mc or singer to break through because people r tuned in to todays musik which mostly resinates on low.

thus meaning the low iz in demand and if ur musiks high frequecy the record label wont touch you cause it wont sell.

wit life: it has its downs and ups as we all know so to anybody striving for perfection u nee3d to give up it iant never gonna happen.

After every great victory ders a downer but beleive it or not sumtimes dat downer can empower u to become great 4 da nex.

i look at it like this da best of times iz da worst of times and the worst of times iz da best.

if u born u caught init till u die so unless ur da give up type or suicidal its su em ur gonna have to get used to it n jus live ur life like she say's (golden).

this is wat we have in common as human beings we all go thru the same emotions same stuff rich or poor, so im baffled to y we iant united iant no other species dat can relate to us other than ourselves...

Yo N u hit man on a deep levs on dis one. mwah


I hear you SB..some people dwell on the downs and become victims of circumstance but really you should use those downs as a platform to propel you to the next level.If everything was plain sailing or without bumps along the way you wouldn't strive to be on a higher level. For instance, I got pregnant when I was in uni, I could have sunk or swam. Yeah it was hard, but my baby gave me the incentive to do better for myself.
Life is a crazy old game! lol

Simey baaby said...

i feel u NC...ITS LIKE I heard someone say b4 God will never get upset wit wat tribulations u going thru y?? simply because hes already seen u come out of it, the begining and end belongs to him so he will never give u more than u can bear...

yo my frequency iz on a high one today jus got offerd a higher paid job start tommorow wooohooo da haters iant gonna like dis one yhhhh boiii lol


Congrats SB....

NMC xxx

Lexington said...

Hmmm...true, however: You can feel as positive as ever and something bad can still come and kick you in the ass; it happens all the time...although saying that I suppose it's how you handle it(nuts! On the verge of standing in between two mirrors again)...Nice note.

Simey baaby said...

thanx boo...x