Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Hey my bambini..
I am so sorry it has been so long since I have written something on here. But I have been so busy. I barely have time to sleep. It's a good thing I can sleep anywhere because over the past 2 weeks I have had to sleep in some pretty random places and take any opportunity to catch some shut eye.

Last week I had the the honour of having Reverend Al Green watch me do my thang and I was ecstatic when he gave me a hug and told me how well I had done. To be greated with such warmth and to have him say such nice things was encouraging. When I have doubtful days or when people who have no idea about music try to put me down (because there will always be one or two) I can think, if Al Green says I'm alright, then I'm alright!
I also got to see him perform and was blown away with his energy. He has more energy than a lot of people half his age...we could all learn a lot about performing from him. He is definitely a legend!

So that was last week...
This weekend I went to North Yorshire to perform @ a charity gig. It was a long journey and a tiring day but it was worth it for the thousands raised for children!
There was definitely no rest for the wicked, lol, cos as soon as I returned on sunday I had to get ready to go see my friend and poet, Natalie Fiawoo perform at Sunday Chic. It was a well organised event with top class acts in a classy surrounding. And Nats smashed it with both her pieces. However her 'Ode to black man' where she touched on all the aspects of black men that she adores, grabbed the audience's attention! The guys were lapping it up and she was definitely in their good books for the rest of the night...but also the ladies, because they could relate.
I was having a really good time there but had to cut it short as I had another event to attend, the 'Freesoul sessions' @ Cargo.
Well respected and established Jazz musician and producer, Mark De Clive Lowe is leaving the sunny shores of Britain for LA so it was a Goodbye party. There was a nice vibe as a lot of my peers were there and there were great performances from Bembe Segue, Vanessa Freeman, Tawiah and Michelle Escoffery.
I was able to catch up with my friends and make new ones. I met two young men (who are friends of friends) who happen to share my birthday (16th November) and we clicked straight away...hopefully they will be able to make it to my celebrations this weekend! Trust me, it's gonna be a mad one!
So I went home Monday morning! feeling really tired but really happy.

Another thing, it was really strange being out on Sunday. I didn't really realise the full effect of all the marketing strategies and exposure I have had until then. I had numerous people coming up to me knowing who I was. Saying, I've seen you on Myspace/facebook etc. You may think I am a bit crazy, because obviously if I put myself out there and I perform on a stage,have a fan page etc people are gonna know me, but the reality is different from theory. It really is quite strange. But nice at the same time, because evryone was so complimentary about my work and all the things I am involved with, so was a good feeling. And I appreciated them coming up to me because I am rubbish with remembering faces!

Monday....I got my hair did in the morning so it's nice and silky and fresh :) and pretty much chilled for the rest of the day.

Tuesday...I was meant to have a rehearsal, but ended up sleeping half of the day. I think my body was over tired from the past two weeks events. So although I was disappointed I didn't get to sing, my body got a rest. Which was needed so I could enjoy myself at the Raphael Saadiq show!
I had been looking forward to it for weeks and he certainly didn't disappoint. His band were on point and so was he! I feel sorry for all my friends that couldn't make it for one reason or another because they definitely missed out...But i have filmed some of it for you (actually quite a lot)...
And after the show, my sis and I went back stage to have a little chat with him. He was tired, but still made time for a little chin wag which was nice. I definitely can't wait to see him again soon.

I will be doing some more shows soon...I am waiting for some dates to be confirmed then will let you know, so please bear with me.

OMG it is nearly 4am and i have to be up in a few hours.
Gotta love you and leave you. Will touch base real soon.

Nads xx


Incisive said...

busy body!!!! sounds exciting!!! hope ur well hun!


Craigjc said...

Love the blog. Do visit, sometimes.


I know...but I love being busy 'Cisive...I start tearing my hair out when I have too much time on my hands. I feel unproductive.

This is a god look for me and I don't see things slowing down...

er hun...I'm sure we meant to meet up ...hmmmm

craigjc...checked ur page...nice

Simey baaby said...

yo nadine i dont know if u watch tv yh but did u happen to catch dat rich kid poor kid ting on channel 4??

if so wat was u thinkin??



I don't watch too much Tv but I do like a couple of soaps (it's a girl thing) LOL. Plus I love documentaries. Call me a geek if you like but I love em!
That rich kid poor kid sounds interesting...

Simey baaby said...

yh documentries r kool i had muy own one back in the day still u wud of liked it u probably seen it...

soaps r definatly a girl thing u lot watch too much t.v sweardown then start turn actors wit no script on man lol

dat show was deep it was about a blaack girl/mixdrace and a white gurl dat lived on the same road in south londons stockwell bang bang.

1 rich 1 the rich kid was tottally ignorant of the so called hood n people n the endz she lived in...

because she went private school she thought she was superior to state school kids she even said "i like being superior to public shcool kids" and "i dont care about them they all can die for all i care" (shocking)

her mom was queen ignorance caa she tuaght her all this...der was a bit wer the white famaily wanted to go shop yh in stockwell of lisecence but they wer shook to get out the car for ketchup and the reason was "cause the shops too packed". lol

The black girl now she was poor no furniture in da house lived wit her mum and lil bredda...

lil bredda sleeping on the floor he iant got no bed and he looks almost 10 and never been schoool. it was his big sis dat had to raise him she was about 5 years older.

dey kept talking bout hes got special needs, u think?? mayb if they put him in nursery he wudnt need special attention lol

mummy suffering frm depression tho so dey get neglected kmt like my grndad wud say she waaant a kick up her backsiiid shes jus blatantly lazy.

anyhow these two girls get to meet up go on a lil trip and and spend the day together on dat day the reporrter asked the black girl do u wanna see wat she looks like?? she said yh, looks at the picture and says ahh green eyes i love green nice hair 2.

wen the reporter asked the wht girl she was like naa i dont care wat she looks like then she finnally lookd at it and said err butters lol i was bennin cause im thinkin u never been to the hood but u know bout butters. mandem has drawd her b4 truss lol....

they finnaly met up and amazingly had a gud time the wht gurl said i didnt know people that lived in estates or council flats wer like dis it change her whole perpective on her own endz n black people well mixrace shud i say caa i didnt really c an actual black person talking...

at the end i jus thought to myself parents need to stop teachin thier pikni ignorance be real wit ur kids dont transfer ur fear on to them...

u shud of watch it nadine wer was u, bet u was in da eastend or dry emerale farm yu so