Saturday, 15 November 2008

It's time to party...


I haven't got long....I am getting ready for my bday party! I know it's only 6:30pm but it's an extra special day so I have to make sure I pull out all the stops and also get ready slowly cos I don't want to stress myself out.

I'm feeling great and glad that I will have a whole bunch of friends and family there. They've been phoning me all day asking me what they should wear...normally I am the best person to ask because I love fashion, but today I am pre-occupied with ME! A girl can be selfish once in a while can't she????

I have been shopping two days in a row...yesterday at the crack of dawn I made it down to Westfield shopping centre...and it is pure heaven on earth!!! Wow...I was in Paradise.
I picked up a killer pair of heels, accessories and a bit of make-up and reluctantly left because co I had to get to the school for 3:15... :(

This morning I took my son to football at Westway sports grounds and decided to do a bit of shopping on Portobello road. It was so busy, so I quickly grabbed a couple of bits and headed out of there within half an hour. I hate crowds.

And on my way home I popped into my new favourite designer boutique and picked up my birthday dress, which was a lovely treat from a special person :)

So I have been lazing around the house for a bit but now it is time to beautify myself...I am sooooooo looking forward to tonight ....

Speak to you when I have recovered ! LOL


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Lexington said...

It's alright to be selfish from time to long as you don't CALL it being selfish (can italics be used on this site?...)