Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Work to do...

Good evening,
I am soooooooooo tired.
I have had a heavy day.
It seems like the past few days I have been living my life off a "to do list". it works, but when you have so many things to do you have to write them down so you get everything done, you know you're busy....or ...maybe I have just got a really bad memory. Either way, these lists have proven useful for me.
Like I said last night, I had a shoot with today. We shot a fashion feature for their online magazine. I took them to my favourite lil' boutique, Lara's Boutique in Chiswick West London. I told you all about this place before. It's the store where I got my gorgeous birthday dress...

I planned to spend the whole day preparing for the shoot. But before I knew it it was 3pm and I just about had my hair and nails done! The original make up artist unfortunately couldn't make the shoot and I was going to have to do a DIY job...but luckily my friend Byuti Kasei came to the rescue and came down to the location and fixed me up nicely. I love ya girl xx

The shoot was scheduled for 5:30pm so that we wouldn't be disturbed by curious shoppers, even though we got a few people watching us film through the shop window! Kindly, Fleur and Lisa both stayed until we got the job done, were very accommodating and gave their input which was much appreciated. Thank you girls.
I was able to choose some lovely outfits and came out of the shop tired but smiling.
Well done to the Fashionista-sistah team and also the staff at Lara's boutique for a lovely evening.
Footage is being edited etc and I will let you know when it is up on the site.

My eyes won't stay open any longer.
I'm gonna hit the hay
Nite my sugar plums.
Nads xxx


A community centered listserv for the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, said...

Ms. Charles,

I just wanted to say thank you for adding a little warmth to some cold and sunny days here in Washington, D.C. In particular, your voice and the lyrics to "Simple Sacrifice" are truly inspiring. Did you write the lyrics to that song? I will definitely be checking out your blog more often.

It would have been great to see you perform during my trip to London.




I'm glad you enjoy my blogs, and more importantly my music :)
I do write my own songs, however, "simple Sacrifice" was written for me. It is a very uplifting and emotional song for me to sing.
Please stay in touch and your comments are very welcome.

see ya soon Todd