Friday, 6 February 2009

Finally! the crappy weather hasn't totally gone, but at least it is not stopping us getting about! So I am happy.

I have had a nice couple of days...
When I finally got out of the house, I felt like I had been released from jail and I was elated. It's mad how much we take simple things for granted.
So first thing Wednesday morning I dropped my son to was so nice having a break because he was my shadow for nearly two weeks because he was too sick to go to school. My child literally followed me everywhere. Maybe because he was feeling unwell he wanted to be close to me, but at times it wasn't very practical, like when I was typing and he wanted to hold my hand!
Anyway he's a lot better now and I can get back to the grind :)
I had a relaxing day on Wednesday. Did the whole girlie thing again, you know feet done etc...I like wearing nice shoes, so I have to make sure the feet do them justice :)
I had a free evening because my son was with his dad and planned on just watching TV or going to chill with my sister, but I got a very welcomed dinner invite from a friend I haven't seen for a couple months. It was a blessing really, cos there's never really much on TV on a Wednesday and I had exhausted all the programmes I had recorded on my sky planner when I was snowed in! I had a lovely evening and I hope we don't leave it months before we meet up again...

I woke up Thursday feeling a bit tired as I didn't get to bed till late and you all know I am an early bird, but I had a rehearsal which was reason enough for me to jump out of bed. I am never too tired to sing.
We had a great rehearsal and I also had a chance to listen to some new tracks that I will be singing on...exciting stuff :)

So I got my music hit...It's mad, it is really like a drug. Once I have a dose I am good :)
I had a different kind of energy when I left my rehearsals which gave me the strength to get on with my day with a smile (not that I was grumpy anyways, but you know what i mean)...Did my shopping and got my lil cutie from school.

My baby is as crazy as his mummy! lol

Just Beautiful

After picking him up, it was homework time. He had a project to do on the Olympics and he didn't even need my help. He did his research on the computer and wrote so neatly and joined up! I was so proud.
He went off to youth club after dinner and I had 2 hours to myself to tidy up and get myself ready to go out to an event called Remedy, which is a live gig which takes place @ Oh Bar Camden. My friend Kadija Kamara was singing so I went down to support her...and it's her birthday today. Happy Birthday Kads xxxx

So two late nights in a row, but there's no rest for the wicked. I'm supposed to go to another event tonight @ the Cobden as I should be performing there later on this God willing, I will have the strength to go. It's gonna have to be an early one because I have a studio session tommorow and I want my vocals to be nice and sweet , not all dry and crusty! lol

Till the next time my little chumpalumps

Nads x


Lexington said...

Haven't commented in time, but still reading...Nothing to watch on Wednesdays? i take it you're not a 'Waterloo Road' fan then, ahhh well...


Nah...I don't watch that Mr king!