Monday, 9 February 2009


Yep guys you read correctly.

I've got that feeling. I feel invincible as long as we are together. And we WILL be together forever. No one can tell me otherwise, cos I wouldn't listen. I smile at the thought of them. Only they can evoke all my emotions, good, bad and all those in between.

Now, you might think I'm coo coo, but I couldn't give a damn, because I am in love with "music".
I've spent all day listening to so much different types of music and it gives me an indescribable feeling.
I mean I know I have always loved music...but you know when something just reminds you just why you are in love and how much you love that thing/person etc...

Anyways, enough of that chat...Just thought I would set the record straight, music always has and will be my first love so guys....just lettin u know :)

Music and me!

What have I been up to these past few days? I told you I was meant to go to that event on Friday. Can you believe I got all dressed up to go and actually left my flat. Luckily, I texted the organisers to let them know I was on my way...and they called me to say that it had been postponed due to weather conditions...pfft, it wasn't even that bad. But anyway, it's been rescheduled for two week's time. Hopefully I will be able to make it down.
It was kinda a blessing cos I had to go and sing the next day and a tired voice is not a happy voice!

So, Saturday, once I had packed my son off to his dads, I headed to the Studio to go and work on a track with my cuz Kassa 'Progression' Alexander, who is a genius on keys and a bad boy producer.
We started a track from scratch and finished it in one session. I'm really happy with what we achieved and I will put a snippet up on myspace as soon as it is mixed for ya.
Cos I was there practically all day, I was absolutely smackered by the time we finished. But it was that good tired. You know the one you get after working hard on something and feel like it is was worth busting your guts to get it done!

Sunday, I woke up quite early and did the whole cooking thing (cos I like to cook as early as possible), then took my son to church as soon as he got back from his dad's because he didn't have football this sunday due to a frozen pitch, which was absolutely fine by me :)

I had quite a relaxing day then got ready to meet my friend, fashion designer Emmy Collins, to go to a champagne networking party held by the British Fashion Council @ Vanilla in the West end. It wasn't the kind of event I am used to but after a couple of glasses of Champagne, Emmy and I had a laugh!
But after being teased with the canapes, I had to rush home to have a nice big plate of food. I don't know where this appetite has come from, but hey, I welcome it!

Wearing a top I designed myself...Emmy better watch out! lol


Emmy and Dele

Emmy and moi

So guys, that was my weekend. I hope you had a good one. I have some exciting stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks, so stay in touch...

Love ya lots, but not as much as my music ;) lol

Nads xxxxx

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