Saturday, 31 January 2009

I'm just a big kid! LOL

So I had to put my plans on hold and take some time out this week, due to a couple members of my immediate family being ill. But that's how life goes and they are well on the road to recovery now, thank God.
Being the dorky big kid I am, I forced them to watch one of my favourite musicals 'Annie'. Dunno about them, but I really enjoyed it and have been singing all the songs ever since...but I didn't realise there were so many sexual innuendos...Miss Hannigan was very forward every time she was in male presence. My son was like "she loves everyone doesn't she mummy?"...I was like, "yeah she is very friendly isn't she?"...It's crazy how everything seems different when you are a kid...
Nevertheless, I am a big kid and enjoyed the fairytale ending and I am waiting for my Daddy Warbucks to come and adopt me still!

Maybe Tomorrow ?!

Miss Hannigan!

Love this're never fully dressed without a smile :)

Nite nite xx

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