Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Good days? Bad days? Mediocre days? Blaaah!

I'm not sure how to describe my last few days. It has been a mixture of highs and lows, not really extreme in either case! They kinda cancelled each other out...
I recovered surprisingly quickly from New Years. Probably because I didn't drink as I was designated driver! But I am not a big drinker, so that was fine with me anyway.
My son went with his father on Saturday moring...well afternoon (because the lazy boy refused to get up), leaving me twiddling my thumbs. I was feeling a bit unsettled about an unresolved issue with a friend, but we were getting nowhere so I decided to take myself out of the situation and distract myself by keeping busy! Not hard for me.
So I spruced myself up (a bath and some lipgloss can make things seem much better) and went to meet a friend to just hang out and we had a laugh and had some food. Then I travelled out of London to see another friend, and went to the movies to see that new film 'The Spirit' (Eva Mendes, Samuel L Jackson). It's not my usual type of movie, but I actually enjoyed it. Unfortunately, that night I caught a cold because somebody (not mentioning any names) left the window now I am suffering the consequences. I have been sneezing and I have a beautiful red nose! Very attractive.

Like I may have mentioned before, I am a soldier, so it was business as usual on Monday. I had a meeting in Westfields Centre, so I was able to combine work and pleasure! But I am being very sensible and only purchased one item! I am so proud of myself. I am not one for living beyond my means, and with the dreaded 'credit crunch', one has to be sensible.
Luckily, the meeting was very brief, much quicker than expected, but we covered what we needed to and I will give you more details in due course on what it was about. I don't like to get ahead of myself or give too much away too soon.
All I can say is that it is a project I am happy to be a part of and I hope you guys will like it too.

I have had my cousin with me too, as he is on vacation from the States. It's been nice catching up with him and showing him a bit of London and what I get up to.

Today I took my son to the barbers...I wish I had taken a picture of him before the hair cut! Oh my days...he had this awful afro...which was curly and straight at the same time...Weird.
He refused to let me cut it for ages cos he said it's too cold, and I understand what he's saying, but really, he was looking like an abandoned child. I was actually getting embarrassed to take him places and felt the need to explain his appearance before the questions came. So, I finally put my foot down and took him to the barbers, who made him look like my child again...I was sooo happy, but my son isn't. Oh well. It's part of my job as a mother to annoy my offspring! lol

FACEBOOK...tried to upset me today by disabling my profile, which has 5000 friends on it...without warning. However, I have not breached any of the rules, so I am pretty confident they will give it back. However, I have another profile and loads of my friends have missed me and are all adding me again. So it was bitter sweet. It was an inconvenience, but then, it shows that my friends care cos they missed me :) xx

Anyways people, I need to rest so that i recover because I have too much to do to be spending 2009 sick, in bed! Not gonna happen peeps. Nothing is gonna keep me down for more than 5 minutes! I won't let it!
Sleep tight my probably are already...

Nads xxxx

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