Sunday, 25 January 2009


So I ended up going out last night.
I was in two minds, but I thought, hey, what the hay!
So off I went to Carbon to meet my friend Adanna and co. Well not before a few technical hitches. I couldn't get my hair to curl!!! I tried with the GHD's (girls you know what I'm talking about) but the curls looked a bit uncurly. So Plan B ...I got out the old large barrelled Treseme curling tongs. But by this time the clock was ticking and I was left with 5 minutes to put on me face, hence the lack of make up.
So...and I know it's been a re-occuring theme in my life lately...but I was late.
And when I got there there was a massive queue...Luckily my boys Geran and Antoine AKA D&G specialists came to the rescue and got me in ( I love u guys)...As usual the music was banging and the vibe was great.
But never again will I underestimate the potentness of Vodka...all I can say is, it proper knocked me and I had to crash at a friend's house because I obviously couldn't drink and drive...BIG no no!
I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow and woke up at midday. I regret drinking because normally I know my limits. But as I have never really drunk vodka before, I didn't realise how it would affect me...and I only had what I thought was a small quantity.
Oh well, you live and learn and I had a good sleep anyway ;)

I have just been indoors chilling with my son today. Cooked the Sunday dinner of jerk chicken and rice and peas.
I was meant to perform tonight at an event but due to unforeseen circumstances, had to cancel. But there will be more performances very soon.

Wow, I can't believe the weekend is nearly over already. It just flew by.
Got loads of stuff to do this week...oooooh and I'm looking forward to the new series of America's Next Top's gonna be a good one...apparently there is a transexual in the top 12!

Speak in the week

Nads xxx

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