Thursday, 21 May 2009

Yo, Wot's Poppin? ;)

Hey Yall,
I know I know it's been a little while, but I haven't forgotten ya! I hope you are all well and above all happy! :) I am. Skint as a friggin flint, trust me peeps, this credit crunch thing is no joke! Okay, so I might be slightly exaggerating I'm not going hungry...yet, but it would be nice to splurge a lot more than I do. But hey, I'm off to Miami in a few weeks so I can't complain...Yay sun,sea,sand and erm more sun! :)

Last weekend seems like ages ago, I suppose it was, but I had a good one all the same.
My friend, poet, author and Youth Team leader Alexander Jackman, invited me down to his youth project on Saturday. Luckily he has received funding to take some of the kids on a trip to Boston, USA, but the previous week he had told them the trip was off. So when he told me he was going to tell them at the end of year presentation ceremony that the trip was still on, I had to be there to see their faces. And trust me it was priceless.
I had met them all before when I went to talk to them about careers. They were under the impression that if you have a talent, you don't have to study! How wrong could they be. I had to explain to them that they need something to fall back on. I know I don't use my qualifications as a Law graduate, but I could get a very good job if I decided not to sing anymore...not worth thinking about but I have to set a good example. Also, I know sometimes we make the wrong decisions and veer away from the path expected of us or what we have set out for ourselves, but it's not impossible to get back on track. I had my son at a very young age(he's nearly 10 now,so... yeah, I was quite young!) and I must admit I had second thoughts about going on to higher education. But I'm glad I stuck with it and proved to myself and others it can be done!

So, anyways, I enjoyed meeting up with my young people and glad with the progress they have made.
The project is not just a youth club where they play games. They are equipped with skills to help the 15/16 year olds deal with life after school. I was proud to be there and soppy me had a tear in my eye as they got their certificates!

Stush came down to talk to them as well and gave them some precious words of encouragement. She's had it tough, but she's still going and is a brilliant example to the kids, who asked her to perform "f ur ex" and joined in!
I think that was the highlight of my weekend, and I would like to thank Mr Jackman for allowing me to be involved because I know he loves those kids like his own family.

The rest of the weekend I just chilled with my family and those close to me. What more could I ask for?

This Sunday 24th May I will be performing with a full band @ Soul Unique
It was supposed to be @ Plan B in Brixton, but as it burnt down the venue has been changed! But I've been reassured it's a good venue, so I look forward to seeing you guys there!
So as a lead up to the show I'll be on tonight to talk about moi! :) So tune in if u get a chance.
On the night Baby Sol and Fola will also be performing so it's really value for your money, plus there's an after party where you can boogie with me and the other performers! Sounds like a plan aye??? You know you want to!

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Anyhoo, my darlings, I gotta get my son off to my mum's and get ready for this radio interview...


Nay xx


Alexander Jackman said...

I have been meaning to leave my mark on this page for a while now. It seems more appropriate in this moment. Nadine Charles at short notice not on one but on two separate occasions graced the school with her presence and made a lasting impression. Her beauty is one thing but her eloquence captured the imaginations of those 15 and 16 year olds and that is what epitomises the woman I have got to know. She is incredibly humble. It was only when my kids asked if she was coming to say goodbye on their last day did it hit home her impact. She had met them only once before amongst other professionals such as Flawless and Dready, UK Producer. They haven't even heard her sing live and if they had asked to meet her again on that basis alone, I wouldn't have blamed them! She simply came down to speak about her experiences that is all. Sometimes it is not the donations, the words and tributes to people you will never meet, but the presence and time you give to those you do. She did not come to show off her God given vocals or to promote herself. She arrived with a spirit that says this is who I am. I believe that will be remembered more then anything. Thank you Ms Charles. From a friend Alexander Jackman


You really did leave your mark Mr.Jackman. Like I said before, I appreciate the work you do and I'm proud that you and the kids welcomed me. Thank you xxx