Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Hello beautiful people,
I hope you are all well and happy.
I'm not too bad apart from feeling totally knackered. But that's the story of my life so there's no point in complaining!
Anyhoo, I've been a bit of a busy bunny this week, therefore not having time to post blogs but you were always in mind. Sometimes I'm out and I'm like, "I wish I'd filmed that for my blog". Anyway, I was able to capture some of it on film for you, so here goes.

Okay...so Wednesday I had a meeting in Giraffe in Chiswick. As you know I lurve to eat so it was a greeeaaaat meeting :)

Thursday, I was booked for a photoshoot in West Hampstead so I had to get an early night.
It was with the talented Mr Paul Soso. He's very artistic in the way he shoots and is not afraid to experiment either. Google him and also search for him on Facebook. He has a group on there with loads of examples of his work.
Most people think modelling is easy because all you have to do is "pose", but there's a lot more to it and I am always tired and hungry after a shoot. I had actually planned on going out to a restaurant with a friend who has an office just down the road from the location, but as usual the shoot overran and I had to make do with Nandos AGAIN! I think I am gonna actually overdose on chicken very soon.

I'm still waiting for the images to be sent through, but see above for a couple of them.

I had been looking forward to Friday all week because I had planned on going to the Teedra Moses show, and I am a big fan of hers so I made sure I got my hands on some tickets as soon as her show was announced.
Everyone likes to think they're unique and I think we all are but alot of people have actually compared me to Teedra many times, on a musical and physical level, even Raphael (Saadiq) who knows both of us, so I wasn't surprised to be mistaken for her as I entered 'The Venue'. It's mad that she calls herself the 'young lioness' too because over the years my friends have likened me to a lioness. It's all a coincidence, but I don't actually mind as she's someone I admire anyways.
And she didn't disappoint despite the many technical hitches, which were out of her control. But she was a proper professional, soldiered through it and gave her fans a good show.

When the show was over, my friends and I decided the night was still young and headed over to one of Mink Events @ Carbon in Marble Arch, where I met some more of my friends. I planned to just breeze through but ended up staying for a couple of hours despite knowing I had to get up early for a photoshoot in Oxford on Saturday

I regretted my late night @ approximately 7:30am Saturday morning when I had to get up and get myself ready to go to oxford for another shoot. I was excited about this one because the photographer (Nicola Belson http://www.modelmayhem.com/1028182) had chosen a beautiful location called Harcourt Aboretum. It was so picturesque. I didn't even feel like I was in England at times because of all the tropical flowers. It was a great place to escape and luckily the weather was perfect.

Sunday SHOULD have been a day of rest, but it was still all go for me! After church, I was put to work because it was my sister's bday so I had to go and cook for her get-together. But we had a great time. It was a girlie night so as you can imagine we chatted till we were literally falling asleep! And no, we didn't spend all the time chatting about men...much! lol

Which brings me to yesterday, Bank holiday Monday. I was invited to the Kele Le Roc video shoot for her latest single 'Retro'.
I was honoured to be there because I have a lot of respect for Kele. She's been in this business for a while and still has so much passion for it. We were graced with the presence of legends Omar an Don-E and also my friend Zalon, who is now in St.Lucia recording with Amy Winehouse.
It was a looong day as there was a lot of waiting around and re-takes. But Kele seemed to be happy with the result and that's what matters. Look out for the video...coming soon.

That's me for now! Have to get to bed now because my contact lenses are about to pop out as my eyes are soooo tired. Have a great week. Will holla at ya soon.

Loads of love...your girl
Nads xxx


Niomi (lil havoc) said...

Nicola chose Harcourt....or I chose harcourt?

Still vex I never got to see you in my ends :(


Incisive said...

That pic in the garden is BAD...well done - seems like ur working very hard.

keep on hun!



To be fair Ni, I never told Nicola you recommended Harcourt. She actually works for them! Hopefully we will link up before we both fly off! xx

Cisive...I'm loving the garden pics too. I'm definitely going back there for a picnic or something. And yeah I am workin hard, but a bit of hard work won't kill me!

Thanks u guys for leaving ur comments.
Love ya xxx