Saturday, 9 May 2009


I know I said I'll see you on the other side (of the weekend) but I thought I would just write a lil bitty blog to say thank you.
I only uploaded my EPK 24 hours ago, and already loads of you have checked it out. Also I see nearly as many of you have checked out my rehearsals that I put up and have sent me lovely messages. I'm glad you like those two songs as they are both sentimental to me. 'Missing u' because I sang that when I won Best Unsigned @ Earls court and 'Crazy' because I wrote it about 4 years ago and was great therapy for a situation that was very frustrating at times.
I know certain situations will test you and it is human nature or even animal instinct to sometimes lash out. But it's better to channel your energy into something more productive.
I'll let you in on a little secret. I have had a couple of negative comments from people or should I say a person, on this blog saying "you're too ugly to model", "stick to what you do best", " it's better to hear you and not see you".
I must admit, I was shocked that someone actually took the time out to firstly find my blog page, then write something so nasty. But at least they had to admit I could sing! lol.
Anyway, to cut a long story short, since then I have had numerous photographers, make up artists and stylists requesting to do photoshoots with me. I've actually had to postpone and turn some down because of my commitment to my music.
But what I'm trying to say girls and boys is...stay focused, the devil works in many ways, but don't let him win.
I'm a realist peeps, I know I'll never be Britain's Next Top Model, but funnily enough, I wouldn't want to be, but as long as I enjoy singing and posing and there is a demand for it...I will keep doing for those who don't agree, look away and block your ears.

Nite nite my sugar dumplings xx


tyresa said...

Sendin out castin calls askin if people can shoot u is not being in demand. lol. yor too sweet. any photographer will shoot any girl. anyhow at least you know yor far from a model. the singing is great though i cant help but wonder why nothing has becom of yu. yu won unsigned u say? and wat has happened since? but i like ur "positive" energy keep it movin. as u probably no it takes mor than a good voice and that includes personality and a certain vibe. where are all these comments u say peeople hav left u? would b amusin to read


Thanks for taking the time to write this beautiful I said peeps...keep pushing! xxx

Mr B said...

i wish my gran wouldnt go around doing this...

im sorry nadine for the above comment

my gran does has become quite jealous and sad in her old age

good reading your blog tho

nice and positive

B :D

Lexington said...

Cool, you've been up to so much since last season, sorry I haven't visited like I should do, I'ma check you youtube posts NOW!!!! Keep up the awesomeness...within reason, I don't want you crashing from exhaustion and that x

Diva said...

WOW some people have time to be firstly reading your blog secondly writing crap on it! They must not have a life and must be a straight up crackhead to be following your day to day movements LMAO keep pushing Nads you've got your first official HATER!

Anonymous said...

"WOW some people have time to be firstly reading your blog secondly writing crap on it!"

your words diva, get a name then get a life

Mr B said...

hope alls well nads....not going to say any comments like 'stick at it' n such as i know the jealousy is water off a ducks back.

so i will instead say, to end this day ..a rhyme from myself and be on my way...when a sad indervidual takes refuge in being critical ...without reason or content they lack on being considerable to those who try to make something of there life...and so on that note miss charles i wish sweet dreams and good night.


Diane said...

Those that said you was too ugly, need to see you in the flesh. Images, photographers, TV, any visual representation which is NOT reality could not capture how absolutely stunning you are. And I never realised untill I went to kadija's birthday party. ANYWAY fuck what they say. You know me already....Keep doing you and keep focused my dear....... I will toss an extra pancake for you tomorrow.

B said...

Mizz Kryptonite,

they ain't never gonna stop talking until you fall off the wagon.

I know your not gonna let this effect you but remember life is too short for petite school girl antics like this, life can be taken away in an instance in any scenario.

Continue doing whatever it is you have planned for yourself and enjoy life.

Use the haters as fuel to the fire in you in order to grow as an artist, model, etc.

I don't get the ugly part though, this person clearly has shit in their eyes and on their glasses.

B xx

Wole Kaffo said...

Nadine, just popped by to see what you were up to on your blog, I saw the two videos which I like very much, keep doing your thing girl, I like your commitment, dedication and drive...I was shocked to read the Haters comment, constructive critism is one thing spouting venom is something else....that sort of thing would make me laugh. Someone has taken the time to find your Blog space and then write something like that....must mean they really like you, or are severey threatened by you. I wouldn't go chasing round the internet to write something about someone that didnt mean anything to if I was you I'd laugh it off, imagine the 'hater' as a 3 year old child mouthing an adult you'd laugh and think - 'juvenile exuberance' anyway keep doing what your doing , dont miss a step keep achieving what you expect, no one can hold you down if you believe you can reach higher ground....good luck Nads

mike said...

u r a beautiful person with a lovely voice.continue with ur movement and i am certain i am writing on the page of a future star.dont let people bring you down as it just shows their state of mind and exposes their insecurities.

Craig D said...

Hey Nadine, I just read your blog and saw the videos u posted on FB i thought they were great, the latest modelling pics are stunning as well. Never mind the negative stuff just keep doing wat u need to do to succeed...

xxNYCxx said...

My Baby girl,

U know u've arrived wen the haters start to flow! Dont they realise it only makes them look pathetic and shows u and the rest of the world how threatened by ur success she is? JOKER!! Shame nothings become of her isnt it? Awww nevermind..maybe u can inspire her to do something with their pathetic she took forever to sit there n try n think of something clever to write..bless! what a pity it just made all ur fans her childishness ! hmmm this certain person doesnt have anything to show for themselves do they? Thats why they are jumping on ur band wagon..trying to get some exposure...I call that desperation! well i guess times are hard for them so they gotta get any exposure they can!! LMFAO!!!! NaDivaaaa all the way..Move over Biatches!
My message to her: uve been trying sooo hard for sooo long..does it hurt that my girl nads came out of nowhere n took over the show? Yes i bet it does! Nadine continues to go from strength to strength..not only is she talented,loyal,crazy but beautiful on the inside n out! Thats why she goes far in everything she does..maybe ur a pretty girl too who knows (and who cares?) but if u weren't so ugly on the inside perhaps u'd go far too, and have more time to better urself and focus on whats good for you rather than b so concerned with my girl Nads! But keep hating cos u only make her more thank you from the both of us lol!

Love u Sugalips a.k.a Nadine xxx


It's so nice my friends and loved ones have taken their time to show support. I know you all tell me positive stuff in ur private messages, but I am glad you have taken the time out to do it on my blog. Love you all

ps. Thanks M xxx