Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Well rested...

I've had a busy weekend, but surprisingly I feel well rested. I guess it's because we took everything in our stride.
Madrid is not like London. Although it is a big city, the atmosphere is much more relaxed.
So, we arrived at madrid airport Saturday afternoon. Chose our rooms at the hotel Puerta Americas and headed out to the shops ( we are typical girls...love to shop)!

Me taking a break in a make up store.

My sis being spoilt for choice!

When all the shops had closed, we decided it was time that we headed back to the hotel and got picked up so that we could Freshen up and go out again.

A couple hours later two friends of ours picked us up and took us to a late night place to eat as it was about 11:30pm by then!

My sister LOVES ketchup

we were more tired than we realised, after all the travelling and shopping so we didn't end up staying out that late. But my bed was soooo cosy!

After a GREAAAT sleep, we got up quite early so as not to waste the sunshine.

We headed to one of the main cities called 'Sol' where we saw some street performers singing and playing

That evening we went to a club where 2000black were playing, with Benji B on the decks!

That was my weekend in a nutshell!

Nads x

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