Sunday, 1 March 2009

Medicine for my blues ...

So you all know, I was feeling down about being in London as opposed to Amsterdam, but last night we really let our hair down and had a good time.
I stayed in all day yesterday (Saturday) tidying up and just watching movies. Had a visit from a long lost friend and relaxed. Then in the evening, I headed towards North London for the launch party of a new Salon (La Bella) that will be opening at Arsenal's Emirate stadium. As we arrived there were belly dancers and 'snake man'...very strange, but entertaining.
My friend Rumel and I chilled in our little allocated area until Mr Collins swung by and in a puff of smoke, we were gone. We headed off to Jalouse in London's West End.

When you go clubbing in the West End, some people can be really pretentious, but we just ignored those types and showed them how to let their hair down. We had a fab time and can't wait till we have another night out.
I haven't danced that much in ages. My feet are still killing me now and it's time to get up to take my son to football :(
He'll be here in a minute so I'd better get up because I have only half an hour to get myself ready.
Gotta go my lil ones but have a great Sunday and stay blessed.

Nadsy xxx

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