Friday, 20 March 2009

I'm still smiling :)

Wow, it seems like ages since I came back, but it literally has been days.
I spent most of Tuesday catching up with emails etc that mounted up over the weekend because I refused to go online meanwhile I was away.
On Wednesday Candy from brought me a copy of the video that will be uploaded to their site this weekend. It's looking great and I hope you will like it!
Then my friend/make up artist, RuMel came over for a day of madness. We went shopping for food then, we came back to my flat and I cooked a tasty meal of prawns and rice! We were both really hungry and ate so much we couldn't move! We just flaked out on my sofa!
When the food had finally digested, Ru did my eyelash extensions (oh yeah...after we stuffed our faces with swiss chocs! lol). She recently did a course on applying them, so I am her guinea pig.
We did actually plan on going out but she took a million years to do them (she is still new to it), so by the time she finished, I couldn't be bothered to go through the whole 'getting ready' procedure so we went on a late night trip to McD's because I had a milkshake craving, however I ending up having nuggets, fries and a burger too! lol
But the eyelashes look great and I haven't lost one of them the hours of labour was worth it! Thanks Ru xx
I would also like to say a BIIIIIIG thank you to DJ Christoss who played some of my music on Lightning FM 90.8fm on Wednesday night. He believes in my music and knew his listeners would like it too.
He played 'Simple Sacrifice' and 'You're my boy'. Both were received very well and were requested to be rewound many times!
Listen out for more of my music on Lightning fm and interviews in the near future.
Talking of interviews, yesterday I did one for Evolution Magazine. I talk about my musical influences, dream collaborations and give my opinion on the state of today's music industry. Check link below

It's a beautiful day, so make the most of it!

Lots of love

Nads xxx

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