Friday, 3 October 2008

Hey my little dumplings

Hello my darlings,
I know it's been ages since I last posted something up here but I've been a bit sick, plus my laptop was getting on my wotsits so now I have a new one:)
Last Friday, I went out with my sister and friends for her best friend Adanna's bday. Like a silly fool I went out without a jacket in a little dress and ended up with an awful cold and sore throat. Thanx to Dandan, we were standing in the cold for longer than anticipated because she forgot her ID!
Anyway, we had a good night in the end. But unfortunately I had to get up after 3 hours sleep to take my son to football the next morning...Oh the joys of motherhood!
This week my sis( a gig @ the Soho Revue Bar, so despite the self-inflicted illness, I still had to rehearse and perform. Like they say...the show must go on. But I'm glad I forced myself because I really enjoyed it. And she rocked.
So today, I've been playing with my newest toy, my new laptop. I'm a lucky girl :)
Ok, so I'm going now. Just thought I'd say hi. Missed you.
Nads xx


Incisive said...


4 real - has been a while since ur last post - nice to see ur back!



Awww u missed me too.. :)Yup I'm back...hopefully I'm gonna keep it up for a while...

Hope ur good, give my love to Shax too

Simey baaby said...

hope u got ova dat cold still. im baffled to y females dress so sexy and they know they feeling cold no one cud eva answer tht for me.

Its like wen u lot r ina sexy mood u become immortal to the goose bumps.
mee im taking zero chances have u felt the temperature latly ur lucky if u dont see mee wit my blanket wen i leave my yard lol x


Nah. It was a mad one...Normally I don't go places if I have to queue, but my friend left her id at home so were were stuck outside meanwhile we had to speach it! That's why I ended up sick. But I'm good now. Thanks xx

Simey baaby said...

to bad i wernt there i wud of gave u my jacket wit fur on the inside to put on...x