Tuesday, 7 October 2008

And Another One!

This is surely a record ...3 days in a row! I did promise at the start of this whole blog thing that I was gonna write as often as possible so whenever I can find a spare minute I WILL stay true to my word!

Today I had another rehearsal...10:30 in the morning, and I hate to fall into the steroeotype, and be late...but I was ! Only by half an hour though...Not that bad is it?
We ran through all the definite songs, then had fun with the possibilties, that might be added on to the set.
I'm gonna share a little secret with you. Music for me is very personal and I always try to connect with what I'm singing. But a particular song (actually a video clip of it is up on my myspace) called 'walk right' really touched me emotionally today and I must admit a tear... or ten were shed! It was a bit weird for me because it's not a sad song, it's really quite uplifting...I think I was probably overwhelmed with joy! Strange...

Anyhoo, after a three hour session, it was back to normality. Picking up mister from school! As I was driving, I was thinking how weird my life is. One minute I'll be gigging in somewhere like Italy, Switzerland or Spain, staying in a swanky hotel, being waited on hand and foot and the next I'm back in West London, running after a little child, being a glorified servant to him! Grumble grumble. Nah, I wouldn't change it.... (much). I think it's nice to have some sort of normality. It makes you appreciate the other times that little bit more...

Oh...finally, as promised, my interview has been posted on online magazine www.tha-one.com. They have done a fabulous job with it and kept it 'real'...Have a read.


Ok, mi darlins. That's it for now, before I start to ramble which I probably have already...


Nads xx


Simey baaby said...

half an hour late naughty naughty course dats bad u turn up at my work place dat late my boss will give u ur p45 he wont even send it lol i read ur interview on tha one intersting still thought i might jus check it y not. like i told ur musik moves n ur beauty moves man even more u shud b mainstreme gettin those industry dollars. If u eva reach dat status do not them take away ur essence 4 a couple [poundz keep it nadine always n foeva...xx


I didn't think half an hour late was actually that bad!
Glad you took the time out to read my interview. I think tha-one.com did a great job, by not going crazy on the editing and by asking decent questions.
I hear you though RE: the industry...i definitely don't want to lose the essence of what I'm doing. I would like to enhance it further, if anything...

Simey baaby said...

yh the questions wer clear and consise as ur answers it iz proper back ground knowledge into the life n timez of gourges Nadine...its gud to relate to fans like dat definatly.

to ur last statement
i feel dat if u keep doing wat u do to the extent u do it ur enhancement will b effortless.

i work in a musik academy run classes for the youth we have lessons were we get in debates sumtimes. we tell them if dats route they wanna follow. u have to take into consideration the industry can be a bit cut throat, if u dont follow their rules and regulations/. its jus like a 9 to 5 really a job like any other jus different job description.