Monday, 9 November 2009

Hellooooooooo! *smooches*

Where oh where does one start ??? ...

I know you've heard it a million times but again I must say SORRY.
MUWAAAAAAH xoxoxoxoxoxo

The problem is, that I take so many photos, videos etc then don't have the time to organise and edit them!

I don't know if you think it's a good enough reason/excuse, but it's the truth! Anyhoo, apology out of the way...

I hope you're all well. Where do I start?

Okay... A few months ago I was approached by a young lady called Sophia Savizon, with her idea to organise a fashion show to showcase fashion designers and at the same time raise money for charity. I thought it was an excellent idea and didn't hesitate to be involved. This event was especially important to me because the causes she chose were Sickle Cell and Cancer, which have both affected my life.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a chatterbox in private, but I'm not much of a public speaker, so when I was asked to do a speech on Sickle Cell disease I immediately said no! However, I was persuaded by Sophia and the nurse who treats my son for his condition. They convinced me it was good idea for me to talk about the subject as it affects my everyday life as my son lives with it. Although, I was dreading it, I'm so glad I went through with it because I was able to raise awareness for something that affects so many people, yet most people don't even know what it is. But that wasn't me out of the spotlight. I had to also perform a couple of songs of Sophia's choice(cheeky monkey but it's all love). She and her organisers did a fabulous job and the night ran smooooovely! :)

Check out the I Love Runway Site for pictures :

Mike Kiwanuka (guitarist) and Miss Kadija Kamara (singer/songwriter)

In my spare time...which is very limited, I LOVE going to gigs. I was lucky enough to be asked to go to the Eric Roberson show in Jazz Cafe. As usual he pleased his fans. He's such a talented guy and really down to earth. I had a little word with him after and he gave me some positive feedback on my EP which was nice. I was just glad he bothered to listen to it!!! Loool

I also had a chance to go see Vula @ Jazz re:freshed. Guys if you don't know about this girl, google her. She is one of UK finest singers and I'm not kidding...and she's got the sweetest smile...girlie crush coming on! lol

Me and a few friends went down to see her @ Mau Mau in Portobello road, West London, and she rocked the mic!!

Jazz re:freshed is a weekly event and entry is something stupid like £3/5...There's always fresh talent and a wicked vibe. Big up my Uprock massive!!!

I performed there a few years back. Check out the dodgy clip! lol


So we all know I'm partial to a photoshoot or two! But my little sister Asantewa is new to it. So she asked me to accompany her to a shoot for her portfolio. She's not a model, but she's a GREAT dancer and needed to get some pictures done, so off we went to the depths of Deptford!!! What a flippin Trek! I'm sure you agree that she's quite the stunner. Silly moo calls me a twiglet and says it's better to be thicker than a snicker...cheeky lil girl. Watch out for her. She's a bad ASS dancer.

Now, lets get back to MEEEEE!
My EP is now available. I think I told you this before... Anyway, there are a few copies left (as I only pressed a limited amount).

My favourite track off the EP

So if you would like one please contact

Alternatively, you can download some of the tracks from
I will be updating this site with tracks as often as I can.

Talking of tracks, I made one on Frday with Dornik from the TRUTH MoveMENT. I love it. I must have played it a hundred kerbillion times over the weekend.
My son now hates it...but I love it still! lol
I can't wait for it to be mixed so I can give it to you. It's a proper slow jam. My mum says it's for the erm hmmmm intimate times, but I just think it's a deep love song. I'm a hopeless romantic...Where's My knight in shining armour?????

ME and the Birthday Girl NADIA

Last weekend I went to a club for the first time in ages. I'm more of a gig kinda girl but I know how to shake my tush on the dancefloor when I'm ready. And it was my girl, Nadia's bday. So we headed to Amika in Kensington High Street, but it was can I put it as nicely as possible??? S*@t!!!! Really really bad...

Luckily, Le-Starr was running a club night across the road and was able to get us a cosy little section in the VIP section at a moment's notice. The girls got overly tipsy on Grey Goose mixtures and Sambucca and the birthday girl danced the night away.

This weekend was family chillout time. Saturday we had "lady's day" @ my mums house and Sunday, I spent time with my other family, the TRUTH MoveMENT. We're normally making music, but this Sunday, my sis Obenewa and I cooked for the boys and just vegged out! Bliss :) Btw if you haven't already, download my sis' official mixtape, it's VERY necessary in your life!!!

I've got a radio interview on Friday so I'll post details during the week so you can listen in and maybe even call up!!

Until then girls and boys...
Me gone

Nuff Love Nads x

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