Saturday, 17 October 2009

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I just thought I'd post a little review that was done on my EP. I was contacted by Soul:UK as they heard that my Ep was ready and they wanted first dibs :)
I happily obliged and was pleased with what they had to say about it!

"Sometimes I come across an artist or music that seems to fill a void that I wasn’t even consciously aware was there in the first place. One such artists is Nadine Charles (and the music is her Introducing Miss Charles EP).

The ‘void’ in question is great female R&B, without the gimmicks, vocal effects, pop-crossover elements that seem so prevalent in today’s R&B starlets. If I was forced to draw comparisons with other artists I would probably choose someone like Faith Evans, Brandy or Monica.

I have been aware of Nadine for some time and many of those ‘in the know’ have been singing her praises at every opportunity, so she was definitely on my radar.

A chance visit over to her blog informed me that she had attended the Atlanta International Soul Summit, and finished up her debut EP. The cheeky curious side of me decided to drop her an email to see if I could get my hands on the EP and see if everything I had heard was true …. it was!

The EP is 7 tracks long and it’s obvious that the tracks were chosen carefully. There is no ‘filler’ (I know it’s an EP but it does happen) and the songs flow well, unlike a lot of EPs/mixtapes that seem to be cobbled together and released with no thought at all about how the finished project will sound as a complete package."

I must say I was pleased as punch as I wrote most of it so it was a very personal journey for me.
Many thanks to the Black Einstein AKA Colin Emannuel AKA C Swing and my boys (Script,Progression and Dornik) and girl(Obenewa) from the Truth MoveMENT for producing my tracks! Big up.. Me love you long time.

This is just the beginning folks

Get your copies of "Introducing Miss Charles" !

One love

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