Thursday, 8 October 2009

Your Girl is BACK!

Hello girls and boys, mums and dads!

I'm back from Atlanta and I had such a wonderful time...I must admit, I was in two minds about coming home! Gotta be honest! But I am so grateful for the great time I had and I did miss my family and friends in Sunny (yeah right) London.
It's soo true about that Southern Hospitality. In 2 and a half weeks I think I came across just one unpleasant person! That's amazing. Everyone in ATL are just sooo nice :) I made many new friends and met up with some existing ones @ the International Soul Music summit too! I was also able to meet many of my facebook friends and fans @ the conference and at listening parties etc. It was a great experience.
I also had the chance to perform for my very first time in America. I've recorded out there before but, NO live performances. Luckily I was provided with an excellent guitarist, Mr Brandon A Thomas, he's amazing, check him out. I'll also post some footage of the show.

A couple days before I left for ATL, I finished up my EP so it is now READY! Can you believe it? We've been talking about it for a while now...and it is actually done! WOW! I hope my UK peeps will forgive me for giving the US a preview of it, but that's just how it panned out! Sorry. But I will have a fresh batch of cd's ready in the next couple of weeks. For any enquires hit me up on

Nadine Charles EP video Blog from Nadine Charles on Vimeo.

Enjoy the video blogs.

Nads xxx

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