Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Bringing Sexy back!!!

The Nadivas

Me and MistaDame AKA P.Daddy!

Nadia and Kads

Me and Mister Midas

Me and the Notorious Chris "Fwyine" Knight

The beautiful ESTAR!

Me and my girlies Heidi Vogel and Kadija Kamara

Me and Courtney Pie

My boys "Blessed Voices" Jermaine,Cameron,Kwaku and Meshach

Dancehall Queen for Life!

This is just a quickie,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the hundreds of messages I got on my birthday! I was overwhelmed.
I'm thankful that so many of you took those two minutes out of your busy schedules to say Happy Birthday to ME!! I really appreciate it.
So there was no way I was gonna have a crappy birthday!!!
My friend Le-Starr organised a private party for me @ Molton House in Mayfair and I had sooooo much fun.....as you can probably gather from the pictures.

Although it was a Monday and most of my friends/family had to get up the next day for work, so many of them came to celebrate my Earthday with me.
I had people around me who I love to death, a bling bling dress that made me feel like a princess and TWO birthday cakes :) It was a supercalifragulisticexpialidocious night!

Gotta catch up on some lost sleep now.

Have a wonderful week
God Bless
nads xx

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Soul Sugar said...

bon anniversaire Nadine ! la pricesse ...c'est toi ;)