Thursday, 19 May 2011


Hey yall,

It's such a beautiful day here in London, so I'm going to try and write this one quickly so I go out and enjoy the sun while it lasts.

I hope you are good and pleased that I have been blogging quite a bit lately. Once I get into it I actually enjoy it. I think it's the pic and vid uploading that is the most tedious part but what's a blog without pics? BORING!

Anyhoo, so last night I had an amazing evening. I went down to The Monarch in Camden and stepped into Milly's World to support some stupendously talented UK rising stars.

My main reason for going was to see my sister Obenewa and my cousin Angel but I was also very pleasantly entertained by the beautiful vocals of Miss Cleosol.

Cleosol opened up the show with her fantabulous band and gave it all...she's got a great stage presence and is easy on the eye too.

Have a butchers:

Here's some footage I took with my lil camera

Next up was my know I'm slightly biased...BUT she's BAAAAAAAAD and A WICKED (excuse the excitement)...She's just excellent.
Anyway...see for yourself!

My family and West London properly represented last night! Next up was my cousin Angel...who I'm sure is no Angel lol, but has the voice and face of one nevertheless!
He blew us all away with his acoustic set. I wish I recorded more but it's hard to record and enjoy the set at the same time. So next time you'll have to come and see him for yourself!

As an artist, sometimes going to shows leaves you frustrated because some Artists have no heart....meaning I just don't feel anything from them when they perform. Like they're doing it for the wrong reasons or it is simply not their calling.
Last night I left the venue buzzing that I had witnessed some proper talent which inspires me also to step my game up.
I'm really proud of my cuz and sis cos I know how hard they work and how much music is their life. They WILL succeed!

Anyway mi dears...I bid you good day as I walk off into the sunshine. I'm off to buy school shoes for my boy as he insists on using them as football boots. Oh the joys of Motherhood!

Have a great day.
Love and Happiness
Nads xx

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u sing so well ^^