Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Oh My gosh I'm back again! lol


Can you believe I'm posting again?
I made a conscious effort to take a few pics and a little bit of footage this week. I can't promise I'll keep it up...but I'll try.

So...How are you? How's life been treating you? I'm very well, thanks for asking :)

What can I tell ya?
Oh...so you know I said I wasn't into doing videos because I'm not really into that video vixen malarkey....ummm...well...I only went and bloody did another one! lol
Okay...but here's my reason (excuse). It was for a very good friend of mine, poet,G.R.E.E.D.S'. Starring in it apart from myself are comedians Kat, Simply Andy and A Dot! They are hilarious. It should be out, I think this week, but I'll post it up for you, here, on Facebook and my twitter so that you can see it as soon as it's finito!
In the meantime...here's an incy wincy clip from behind the scenes

Getting my make up touched up by RuMel

Moi and G.R.E.E.D.S

So filming for this video took up all of Friday and half of Saturday...but Saturday night it was party time.
My friend Mark De Clive Lowe AKA Mashi was in town from LA and performed a totally improvised set at Uprock's Party!

I had a fab time. And after a late night snack on Edgware Road, I didn't reach home till 6am!
I'm telling you...I'm out of practice with these late nights and paid for it on Sunday...and Monday to be honest. Hanging up my party shoes for a bit. I'm not so resilient in my old age!

As soon as I get pics from the shoot and from my last show, I'll post them along with the Official G.R.E.E.D.S video for "There She Goes Again" starring yours truly :)

Ciao for now

Nadsy xx

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